How To Insert the Same Footnote Twice in Word

Knowing how to insert the same footnote twice in Word is useful when you need to cite the same source multiple times in your writing. A personal emblem or mark, or a cross-reference, can both serve this purpose. You can learn how to insert footnotes and reuse the same footnote twice by reading this post.

Process of Inserting Footnote in Word

The purpose of both footnotes and endnotes is to provide further context for, or references to, the main body of text. Endnotes are placed at the end of a chapter or document, while footnotes are located at the end, or foot, of every page. They both function the same manner apart from that minor distinction.

There are two interconnected elements in a note, the note reference mark (often a number), and the note itself. Whenever you make changes to the order of your footnotes or endnotes in Word, the corresponding marks are automatically renumbered.

To add a footnote or endnote, position the cursor there.

Navigate to the References section.

References section

If you want to add a footnote or an endnote, use the corresponding buttons.

A fresh footnote or endnote is generated after a reference number is inserted into the text. The text cursor will shift to the footnote or endnote so you can start entering your citation. Copy and paste your citations here.


Process of Inserting Duplicate Footnotes with Symbols

  • Dialogue Launcher can be accessed from the Footnotes subgroup of the References tab. A window labeled Footnotes or Endnotes will pop up.
  • Simply enter the desired digit or symbol into the Custom Mark text box. Alternatively, you might use the Symbol button, pick a character, and then hit the OK box.
  • To add, select the Insert button. Place the footnote citation symbol in the text where you want it to appear.
  • Put in the text for the footnote.
  • To insert an overwrite footnote reference, select the text in the main body of the page and move the cursor to the desired location.
  • You can either type the same number twice or go to the Insert menu, pick Symbol, and then choose the same symbol again.

Process of Inserting Duplicate Footnotes with Same Sequence Number

  • To add a footnote, go to the References tab and hit the Insert Footnote button under the Footnotes subheading. This is where the footnote number is inserted into the manuscript.
  • Put in the text for the footnote.
  • Put the duplicate footnote number at the insertion position in the main text.
  • Select Cross-references in the Captions section of the References menu. A dialogue box labeled “Cross-References” will pop up.
  • Choose “Footnote” for the Reference type & “Footnote number” for “Insert reference to.”
  • Just select Insert after choosing the appropriate footnote in the For which footnote section.
  • Choose the Close button.

Process of Adding Multiple References in Endnote in Word

Cross-references allow you to accomplish this. Once your endnotes are ready, you can proceed as follows:

The insertion point should be set where the second reference will be inserted.

Open the References sub-tab in the menu bar.

To access the Cross-reference feature, select it from the Captions menu. The Cross-Reference dialogue box appears in Word.


Select Endnote from the Reference Type menu.

Select the desired endnote from the drop-down option at the end of the Cross-reference dialogue box and click OK.

The Insert button must be clicked. This creates the reference between the two concepts.

The cross-reference will make use of the endnote number you specified. One thing to keep in mind is that adding additional endnotes may give the impression that the references are not being updated automatically.

The reason for this is that fields are used to execute the cross-references, and fields do not update until you do one of the following: (1) save and reopen the document, (2) compel the fields to reload, or (3) trick Word into thinking you are going to print the page.

Process of Repeating the Footnote on Every Page on Word

Because each document can only contain one instance of each footnote text, you’ll require to turn to the page footers to accomplish what you need to.

Separate the table from the preceding section (and another later on if your paper carries on)

Ensure that the footers are no longer connected to their predecessors.

There are then two possible next steps:

Use Simulated Footnotes

You should put a superscript in the table’s repeated heading (as opposed to the existing reference in the footnote).

Move down to the footer and superscript the same number there, then label it “footnote” (as well as an alternative border above). A copy of it will now show at the end of each page in the area where the table is used.

Use A Real Footnote and Reference It

Complement the text with a footnote citation, just as you did there.

Choose the footnote content (you won’t see a separator option).

To create a bookmark, go to the Insert submenu under the Home tab, then click Bookmark (say “FFF”).

To activate “First-page special,” navigate to the document’s settings by clicking Format, then Document (because of this, the portion including the table will have a new initial page).

Insert a REF field in the generic footer (i.e., the page that is not the initial page of the section), then pick Field from the Insert menu and then the “FFF” bookmark. Specifically, the field has to appear like this: REF FFF. To customize, a border can be added to the top.

How to Insert and Format Footnotes and Endnotes in Word


When using Word, is it possible to reference the same footnote twice?

Answer- Footnotes can be cited several times in a single Word Document with the use of cross-references. Nevertheless, there is a small catch with cross-references: if you add a new footnote on top of the existing one, the new footnote’s number will change immediately and automatically, while the cross-reference count will not.

When using Word, how do you replicate a footnote?

Answer- It’s important to draw attention to the footnote symbol in your paper. To copy and paste, hit the – keys on your keyboard. The Clipboard now has both the reference mark & the copied footnote. Put the cursor where you wish the copied footnote to appear. To paste, hit Ctrl + V.

Is there a way to copy a footnote from one page in Word and paste it into another?

Answer- Place the footnote citation symbol in the text where you want it to appear. Put in the text for the footnote. To add a duplicate footnote reference, select the text in the main body of the page and move the cursor to the desired location. You can either retype the same number or go back to the Insert menu and choose the same symbol again.


Footnotes are an essential part of any academic or professional paper, journal article, or book. As a result, it is useful to know how to insert the same footnote twice in Word. After following the aforementioned procedures, working with footnotes in Word should be much faster and easier.

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