How to Insert Page Number in Word from Specific Page

Page numbering is a handy tool when producing longer works like essays, thesis, or novels. If your work has a table of contents, numbering the pages may spare you and other readers a considerable amount of time and energy. Page numbering is also required if you choose for a printed version. This tutorial will illustrate how to insert a page number in Word from a specific page.

Process of Inserting Page Number from Any Page

When composing a longer article or novel, you’ll need a front page, a table of contents page, and possibly one blank page at the beginning, and you will not be able to order your pages starting from the contents page. That’s why having MS Word begin numbering your work from a specified page is essential. Although it appears complex, it is actually relatively easy and can be completed in much less than a minute.

Step-1: Select the page on which you wish to initiate numbering.

Step-2: Move the pointer to the head of the page and choose Page Layout, from where you may select Breaks.


Step-3: Select the option next page from the list of options. This results in a section break and the beginning of a new segment on the page you wanted.

Step-4: Go to the Insert tab and select Page Number from the options in the menu. Select whatever appeals to you visually. We’ll use the Bottom of the Page for the sake of this article.


Step-5: You’ll notice that all of the pages are now numbered, as well as the first.

Step-6: Although the page numbering manager is active, select Link to Previous and ensure it is not underlined. This will prevent Word from tracking the number of pages.

Step-7: After that, remove the numbers from any pages that you do not intend to be numbered.

Step-8: Return to Insert and choose Page Number for the last step. Format Page Numbers can be found in the list of options.

Insert and choose Page Number

 Step-9: Select Start at: 1 in the Page Numbering area, then close the window. You’ve successfully numbered pages from whatever location you desire.

Insert Page Numbers in Word 2013

Word may add a page number to every page and set it in the top, bottom, or side border. Word enables you to restart page numbering if you require to number certain pages in a different manner. In this instance, we’ll insert page numbering at the bottom of the manuscript.

  • To activate the header or footer, double-click anyplace on it. If your page lacks a footer or a header, double-click near the beginning or end of the page. The Design button is located on the right part of the Ribbon.
  • Choose Page Number from the options. Drag the pointer over Current Position from the list of selections and pick the preferred page numbering format.
preferred page numbering
  • The page numbering will be displayed.
page numbering
  • Pick a page number and proceed to the Home panel to change the typeface, text size, and alignments. The text formatting choices in Word will display.
page number
  • Hit the Esc button once you’re done. The numbering of the pages will be modified.
  • You may also use the Page Number function and pick Top of Page or Bottom of Page to apply page numbers to the top or bottom. If a header or footer already exists, it will be deleted and substituted with the page number.
Page Number

Numbering Page Again

You may restart page numbering from any page of your work in Word. This may be accomplished by adding a section break and then picking the number with which to resume the numbering. In this example, we’ll renumber the pages in the Works Cited portion of the text.

  • Set the insertion position at the beginning of the page for which page numbering should be restarted. Set the insertion place at the start of the text if there exists any on the page.
  • Choose the Breaks function after selecting the Page Layout button. In the drop-down list that displays, choose Next Page.
  • The article will be divided into sections. Double-click the footer or header that includes the page number you wish to resume.
  • Under the drop-down list, select Page Number. Pick Format Page Numbers from the options that are presented.
 Format Page Numbers
  • A popup box will emerge on your screen. Select the button that says “Start at:” It will begin at 1 by default. You may modify the number if you wish. Finally, select OK.
page- number

The numbering on the pages will be reset.

footer-page- number


How can I just set page numbers on specific pages?

Answer- Choose the page numbers you wish by clicking “Page Number” from the “Insert” tab inside the “Header and Footer” section. Word will renumber the pages, noting the pages within which the numbers were missed. As needed, repeat the procedure.

What is the best way to fix page numbers in Word?

Answer- Page numbers should be moved from the title page to prior the Table of Contents. Put your pointer on any part of the front page. Choose footer from the Insert pane and select Edit Footer. Specify the number and hit the Delete button if it appears at the end of the page.

In Word, how do I conceal particular page numbers?

Answer- To open the Page Numbers popup window, select the first page of your file and then select Insert Menu, after which choose Page Numbers. Make a decision about where you prefer your page numbers to show. Discard the tick mark from the box that says  “Show number on first page.”


If you know how to insert page numbers in Word from specific page, any huge critical text may be ordered and organized to facilitate reading and managing it in a much easier way. If you’ve numbered them correctly, it’ll also make it easier to navigate to the section you’re looking for.

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