How to Fix Page Numbers in Word

Page numbering is essential for different types of documents like a thesis, research papers, Lab sheets, books, etc. You have to know the way of page numbering to do all those stuff accurately. The insertion of page numbering both in the header and footer described other problematic issues regarding page numbering. Read the full article on How to fix page numbers in Word and learn all the staff.

How to insert page number in Word from specific page

The page number can be used to number each page on your document automatically. They come in a wide range of number formats and can even be customized to meet your needs. Page numbers are usually placed in your document’s header and footer sections.

Step 1:

Navigate the insert tab then click the page number button. You will find a few different options designed to help you with different types of documents.

insert page number

Step 2:

To add page numbers to an existing header, use “Top of the page” for footer use “Bottom of the page” for a specific position in a document use the “current position” command. Otherwise, choose one of the three options to create word page numbers from scratch. For example, we are choosing here the “Top of the page” option.

page number from insert menu

Step 3:

No matter what you select word gives you several different numbering styles to choose from. All you have to do is click the one you want. It will be added to your document.

page number

However, there may have separate sections in your documents where you would like to start your numbering. There is a way to do this. You can even apply different styles to each section. All you have to do is insert a section break first. You can read a similar article on how to remove headings in Word.

In this example, let’s say we want to restart numbering on page1 on page 27.

Step 1:

At first, you have to place your cursor at the beginning of the section and then go to the layout tab.

layout tab.

Step 2:

Click the breaks button. You will see a few different types of section breaks. But the one we want is the “Next page.” Now we can adjust our page numbering by following steps.

different types of section breaks

Step 3:

At first double click the header of the footer to unlock it.

unlock it

Step 4:

Then click the page number command and choose format page numbers from the menu. A dialogue box will appear where you can change your number format and add chapter numbers to your page.

add chapter numbers

Step 5:

However, to restart your numbering, all you have to do is select the field that says start at. By default, Word will set it to restart at 1. But you can enter any number here. When it is done, click the OK button. You will see the changes in your documents.

page numbers

Page numbers in Word not working

One of the reasons that page number does not work is -users don’t insert a page field. You have to insert a PAGE field by any of the steps written below,

  • Select the insertion point in the header or footer and press the ALT+SHIFT+P buttons together. And complete the requirements.
  • With the insertion point in the footer or header, select Page Number dropdown then click on the current position. Choose the Plain Number option.
  • Inserts a footer building block from the gallery, which will be overwritten with the previous footer.

Resetting Word Page Numbers with Section Breaks

Sometimes it may occur that you added a page number manually. But because of different sections in the header and footer, page numbers may appear different and not continuous. So in this situation, what can you do?

Step 1:

Click the Insert tab in the top menu bar then click on the “Page Number” dropdown.

page number click icon

Step 2:

Click on “Format Page Number.” A dialogue box will appear. Click on the “Continue with previous” section. Click the “OK” button.

page number

Now your problem is solved. Page number will continue according to a section break.

page numbers in footer not sequential

At first, let’s talk about how to set page numbering in the footer. To do that-

  • Click on the Insert tab on the menu bar.
  • Then click on “Page number.”
  • Select “Bottom of page” then choose a numbering style.

Sometimes you may want to move some pages to another document. In that situation, a messed up situation emerges. You will find footer page numbering is not sequential. So what is the solution?

  1. As the previous click on the Insert tab from the menu bar.
  2. Click on “Page Number” dropdown. Select “Format Page Numbers.” A dialogue box will appear.
  3. Choose the “Continue from previous section” radio button. Keep on doing that on each section page.
  4. You will find that your whole document footer page number is sequential.

Solutions regarding page numbering are close to each other. We hope this article may help you design and use page numbering in your official documents. Thanks for reading.

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