How To Connect 2 Soundbars Together Bluetooth

As a lightweight and compact alternative to lugging about a bulky home entertainment system, soundbars were created. Using just one soundbar may offer you with a stunning audio experience that will leave you speechless. Connecting two soundbars is an option if you want even better audio quality when viewing a film or TV show.

You should utilize two soundbars with your tv to achieve the finest sound quality feasible.

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Process of Connecting 2 Soundbars

Connecting 2 Soundbars

Any two Soundbars that allow dual audio and are Bluetooth compliant will work with your phone’s Bluetooth. Navigate to the manufacturer’s website to find out whether your soundbars are equipped with these functions and if your phone is interoperable with the gadget in question. This section details the most common method for connecting soundbars to a television.

It is possible to hear two distinct audio streams from a single pair of speakers by connecting two separate sound bars together. However, all of the soundbars must have at minimum one input and output port. As a consequence, several soundbars on the market come equipped with the required jacks for connectivity.

To link two soundbars, just implement the instructions outlined below:

Locate The Soundbar Jacks

The initial step in connecting two soundbars is to locate the output connection of the primary sound system. Usually, you’ll locate it near the rear of the machine. Output is alternatively referred to as “Headphones” or “Output.”

It might also be helpful if you searched for the other soundbar’s input port. You’ll locate it marked “Input” or “Mic” on any side of the system.

Connect The Sound Cords

Plug the other end of the sound cord into the first soundbar’s output jack. Take a look at your speaker connections and then swap to the other side.

Power On the 2 Soundbars

It’s time to switch the sound systems back on once that the audio wires have been properly reconnected. Utilize the primary soundbar as an amp by linking it to the other one. Adjusting the speaker systems, on the other hand, is model-dependent.

Aux, Sound Input, or Line-In may require to be configured from time to time. You can appropriately install the two soundbars by implementing this procedure. As a result, it will also enable the primary audio system to be heard via the secondary.

Modify the Configuration

It is the ultimate stage in the procedure of linking two soundbars to one another. Configure the first sound system’s EQ and loudness to your liking.

By doing so, you’ll be able to make all of the necessary adjustments to your equipment.

You’ll notice a decrease in sound quality if you adjust the EQ excessively high on your soundbar. That’s why you need to get the EQ and loudness exactly right. With such an arrangement, your two soundbars can reach their maximum performance. 

How to Pick a Soundbar for TV

Once everything is set and finished, you should really contemplate giving some attention to upgrading the audio system in your home theater. A soundbar is the ideal option to go with if you are looking for anything that will not take up a significant amount of room but will yet improve the quality of your audio experiences.

However, before you go out and get your soundbar, you need to be aware of how you may acquire the greatest possible device for your money.

Soundbar Types

The cost of soundbars varies widely. This complicates the purchase process. You’ll have to ask yourself a few questions in order to limit down your options.

You can play music via certain soundbars as well as utilize them as speakers. As a result, you’ll need to hunt for a gadget that can stream music. You can get a soundbar that meets your needs for every given situation. In other words, before making a purchase, you ought to know what you require.

Enhancement of Dialogues

Whenever you utilize a soundbar, your TV’s sound will be broader, clearer, and crisper. Movies and television shows will have clear, distinct voices because of this.

Background noise might make it difficult for certain individuals to grasp what is being said in conversations. As a good thing, some soundbars provide an option to boost the sound quality of conversation. A function like this enhances the volume of the TV’s voices, making them more distinct from the rest of the audio.

Space Usage

In order to avoid obstructing your television’s picture while placing a soundbar before it, most of the products on the market are quite compact. Wall-mounted soundbars, on the other hand, are an option. You should ensure that it has the keyhole openings or additional hooks. 

Surround Sound Function

If you want to listen to music or watch movies in surround sound, you’ll need a receiver. The system’s loudspeakers will then receive a variety of signals.

A soundbar can interpret sound data in the same way as a true surround audio system. However, the majority of these sounds are restricted to 5.1 channel codecs. Because of this, soundbars disseminate sound in a unique way.

There are as many as thirteen, and even more, tiny speakers that may be found in a soundbar. Drivers are the conventional name for these loudspeakers. No discrete sound is sent to various speakers by the drivers. An audio soundbar, on the other hand, receives the 5.1 channel audio input. When the signal is separated, it will be sent to their built-in drivers. 

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Although soundbars are fantastic additions to any home entertainment system, their size and lack of power deter some potential buyers. As for linking two sound systems, there are solutions around this obstacle that make pairing with other Bluetooth rear speakers a breeze. Sound sources from different sound systems may be mixed together using a single set of speakers to provide a unique listening experience for music lovers in the comfort of their own homes.

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