How To Copy and Paste a Table in Word

Data is organized and presented in columns and rows in a table. When opposed to presenting the same material in ordinary text, this style makes it simpler for viewers to take in, comprehend, and evaluate data quickly.

The table may need to be moved or copied and pasted into another document on occasion. Although it’s an easy procedure, your table may have been copied incorrectly. This may be quite inconvenient and interfere with your ability to get things done. This is why this tutorial shows you how to copy and paste a table in Word.

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Creating and Editing Tables in Word

Inserting or creating a table in Microsoft Word is easy thanks to a variety of options. Tables in Microsoft Word may be formatted, laid out, and styled in a variety of ways. Table charts can very handy for a wide range of Word projects, including personal, academic, and professional ones.

Navigate to the Insert section and then the Table button on the toolbar to begin creating your table.

How To Copy And Paste A Table In Word

It is now time to insert a table into your document. Drag the cursor over the squares to choose the amount of columns and rows you need. To begin, just click on after determining the size.

insert a table

You may change and personalize your table at any moment after you’ve created it. Here’s how to make modifications to tables in Word:

The Layout tab may be accessed by selecting it when the mouse is in a cell. Select one of the following options from the menu to proceed:

how to make modifications to tables in Word

Once you’ve gotten the final cell of your table’s last row, you’ll be able to incorporate a new row. By using the tab key, a new row will display.

Click Delete from the Layout section in order to remove a single cell, column, or row.

Make a choice from the alternatives that appear:

remove a single cell

The same procedures may be used to alter a table that you’ve drawn. Alternatively, you may add and remove rows and columns using the Layout tab.

You may want to merge cells to make it simpler to follow the flow of information. To combine cells, pick the cells you want to merge by clicking and dragging the pointer.

Choose the Merge Cells option on the Layout tab. Alternatively, you may right-click on the cells you want to combine and then pick Merge Cells from the context menu.

It’s always possible to break cells back into individual ones after merging them together. Put your mouse on the joined cell and choose Split Cells from Layout after clicking Layout. Alternatively, you may right-click in the cell and choose Split Cells. Split Cells appears in either case. When splitting a cell, provide the amount of rows and columns you require to use. Select “OK”.

Process of Copying and Pasting a Table in Word

In order to place a table in a different location, you may either copy or cut the table, depending on your preference. Copying a table doesn’t remove the original table from the page. Tables may be removed by cutting them out of a document.

While in Print Layout mode, wait for the table move handle to appear before dragging the cursor to another location. To pick a table, just click on the table’s move handle.

Choose any of the given options:

  • You may copy the table by using CTRL+C on your keyboard.
  • In order to cut the table, hit CTRL+X.

Set the cursor to the desired location for the new table. To copy and paste the table, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V.  

Copying and Pasting a Table in Word Without Losing Its Format

To copy and paste without resizing:

You may paste your content into a Word doc by right-clicking wherever you want it to appear. “Keep Text Only” is the third alternative in the Paste Options panel. The symbol is a clipboard with a letter A affixed to it.

Adjust the formatting if you paste content into a new document:

Pick Options from the File menu. Once you’ve made that selection, go on to Advanced. To alter the configuration, click the down arrow next to Cut, copy, and paste. 

Using the same document as a source

When you copy and paste material from one document into another. Alternatives are available for each setting:  Select “Keep source formatting” and choose OK.

Copy Paste Table from Word to Email

If you don’t wish to deliver a file with your email, you may try pasting copied table information into your Gmail account’s compose field instead. However, when you paste a structured table into Gmail, you may lose the formatting. Following these steps will show you how to paste a table into Gmail without it losing its formatting.

  • Switch off the “Plain text format” choice from “More options” in Gmail.
  • To copy a formatted group of cells, either use Ctrl+C or tap on the copy option.
  • Use the Ctrl+V or the paste option to transfer the prepared table into a new or existing MS Word document.
  • Hit Ctrl+C to copy a table from an MS Word document once more.
  • Launch the Gmail compose window and click Ctrl+V to transfer the MS Word-formatted table into the Email client.

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Simply copying and pasting tables into Word will save you effort since you won’t have to reorganize the data. The table’s format may vary if you copy and paste it into another file or email. This tutorial on how to copy and paste a table in Word should be helpful to you.

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