How Many Messages have I sent on Discord

Discord servers are mainly for keeping the community connected to each other through texting or other activities. It is possible to send text or voice messages to other users personally or through the server. But at some point, thoughts may come into your mind about how many messages have I sent on Discord.

It might be your necessity or just a random curiosity, and there are ways to get the job done. For example, you can see the number of messages you have sent to a user personally or through a server. Either way, you can see the total number of messages sent to a particular user or server.

Discord Message Types

There are two types of Discord messages, one is the direct message, and the other is messages through a server. On both occasions, counting the total number of messages is easily possible manually. Whether you are directly messaging someone or texting through the server, all the functions will be the same.

You can either send a text message, a voice message, or even a video through Discord messaging. No matter what you send, all will be counted when you will try to access the total number of messages.

How Many Messages have I Sent on Discord – The Effective Way to Get the Job Done

As we have discussed earlier, you might be in necessity see the number of sent messages on Discord, or you may just want it for curiosity. In that case, you need to follow the right path of how to check how many texts you’ve sent, and the course includes the steps below:

Step-1: Open Discord on Your Device

The first thing, as always, will be opening Discord on either mobile or computer devices. If you are logged into your account, you will be on the dashboard of your Discord account as soon as you enter the app. But you might be logged out from the account, and if that’s the case, log into your account first.

Then you will be directed to the dashboard to access all the necessary settings and actions related to Discord.

Step-2: Count the Number of Direct Messages Sent to a User

You may just want to count the direct or private messages that you have sent to any of your friends on Discord. You can count that by going into the chat first and then accessing the search box above. In that search box, you need to write the username of that friend of yours, and the number of messages will be shown.

You can also use the user code like user#3456 to count the number of messages sent by you to that user. The result will be shown just below the search box in the name of “All Results.”

Step-3: Count the Number of Messages Sent to a Respective Server

When you are on the Discord dashboard, all the connected servers will be shown on the left of the screen. You first need to find the desired server on which you want to count the number of messages you sent. Click on the server icon as soon as you see it to enter that particular server.

After entering the server, you will see the things happening there and be able to do things you are allowed to. Now, as you want to see just the number of messages sent by you on that server, again, you need to access the search box.

Most possibly, it will be situated on the top-right corner of your desktop or laptop screen.

discord search

You need to write your username correctly in that box, and the results close to it will appear there. Search your account in those results, which will hopefully be on the top of the results list of that section. Click on your username as soon as you find it there, which will direct you to the next phase.


It will show you the number of text or voice messages you have sent on that particular server. But if you are not the owner of the server, you may have some restrictions about which messages you can access. If that is the case, you will only be able to see the number of messages you have access to. 

Final Thoughts

Whether for official usage or just curiosity, the necessity of counting the total number of messages might be there. For those situations, knowing the proper process of counting how many messages have I sent on Discord will come into the game. By following the way, you can count both the direct messages and the messages on a server.

It is one of the easiest tasks on Discord, which can be done by following some simple steps. But you must have a proper idea about the process first to get the job done within the quickest period.

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