DS4 Windows PS5 Controller

The DS4 Windows PS5 Controller is an advanced controller that can connect to a Windows PC via USB and enable players to play PC games with a DualShock 4 controller.

In addition, Microsoft has revealed that you will be able to use its button mapping feature for some games so you don’t have to learn new button layouts or remap buttons in most other games. Microsoft will also be offering a keyboard and mouse as an accessory so you can play games that only use a keyboard and mouse.

Key Features Of DS4 Windows PS5 Controller

Key Features Of DS4 Windows PS5 Controller

The DS4 Windows PS5 Controller is the next generation of 4K gaming, with compatibility for both PC and PlayStation platforms, and addressing digital inclusivity in esports. It is the world’s first and only PS5 controller, with a full suite of customized buttons and analog joysticks, an ergonomic design with comfortable rubber grips, and innovative touchpad technology for Windows compatibility.

The DS4 Windows PS5 Controller is the only controller capable of emulating a PlayStation 5, with software that supports over 200 games on PC and PlayStation 4. Now you can play all your favorite 4K games, such as Black Ops 5, Horizon 2245, and Oblivion with infinite amounts of legal virtual money.

Key Features:

  • The high-resolution touchpad on the back side of the controller provides 2x more tracking area than existing touchpads in today’s market.
  • Two analog joysticks that are fully customizable and durable, with pressure sensing technology that improves upon the convex joysticks of the past.
  • The controller’s “D-Pad” fully supports additional buttons, such as L3 and R3, providing a total of 8 additional buttons.
  • Customizable buttons on the top of the controller that can function as extra L1/R1 or L2/R2 buttons.
  • A back-facing lightbar to support visibility for online gaming.
  • The controller’s grip is ergonomically optimized for comfort and ease of access, with additional support for easy finger placement.
  • The controller also comes with an adapter that allows you to connect it to a computer, expanding the number of games you can play on a PC. This adapter also provides 4K compatibility, ensuring maximum fidelity in all your favorite games.

The DS4 Windows PS5 Controller is developed partially by our in-house team of engineers, and also by a community of dedicated gamers from around the world. Every aspect of the controller is designed with input from gamers and developers, and we have thousands of beta testers to make sure that it’s easy to use, comfortable to hold, and looks great with any gaming gear on your setup.

DS4 Windows PS5 Controller Not Working

DS4 Windows PS5 Controller Not Working

If your DS4 Windows P5 controller is not working properly, let me help you. There are many different things that could be causing this problem so the best thing to do is go through these step by step and see if it helps.

Step 1: Turn off your Xbox One.

Step 2: Unplug the controller from both consoles, then from the Xbox One USB connector. With the Wii U, unplug its power cord before proceeding as well.

Step 3: Remove the battery pack from the controller, make sure you hold the power button for five seconds to discharge any residual energy.

Step 4: Re-plug the controller into your console and turn them both on.

Step 5: Press the sync button on your console with your controller connected.

Step 6: Go through the steps of syncing a new controller (if you are using a new one that is), as mentioned in your user manual.

Step 7: Press the sync button again to register the controller.

Step 8: If your controller still isn’t working properly, turn it off and unplug it and repeat the steps above.

How to Connect PS5 Dualsense Controller to PC with DS4 Windows Driver

DS4 Windows PS5 Controller GitHub

The DS4 Windows PS5 Controller GitHub is a web page that provides links to free and forked open-source DS4 Windows-compatible project files. The main objective of the site is to share and provide links for these projects, not necessarily allow you to download them.

Although it’s a long-winded process, you can easily take the open-source project code in your editor and compile it into an executable application with a minimum of effort by following any one of these fully detailed instructions provided.

For clarity’s sake, we are going to refer to the PlayStation 4 controller throughout this document as the DS4.

The DS4 Windows PS5 Controller GitHub site not only has links and instructions for compiling code used to create an application that will emulate the functionality of a PlayStation 4 controller with your PC, but it also includes links to excellent applications that have already been developed by other developers. These applications are free.

If you agree with the philosophy of open-source software, then it should be easy to find a program that works for you and comply with your needs. There are multiple programs available – some work better than others, but have the same objective. It is their sole purpose to serve as an emulator or translator of native DS4 commands from Sony into native PC commands that can be utilized by games, applications, and other devices.

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