Fix The Trouble of Why Your Discord Mic Not Working Android

Communicating with others through Discord apps is quite an easy process. Sometimes you may hesitate to make calls with a mic on Discord. It is disappointing, and often you may ignorantly roam for solutions to why my discord mic not working on Android.

Many issues are working that counteract the mic syncing with your Android. Giving permission and allowing the Discord mic to make incoming calls is the first step interlinked with this problem. Each Discord server has a distinct voice channel, and the user must ensure to enable its settings.

Whatever the reason, I diagnose some common facts and try to give solutions to all the possible difficulties you may face. Let’s fix and learn them all altogether.

How to Solve Discord MIC Not Working in Android?

Your Discord mic is not working properly due to some common reasons. Sometimes the problem happens for not giving permission or access to your phone settings. Again, if the phone voice settings are mistakenly disabled, you may not use the mic on Android. Below are some solutions I found with possible reasons to fix the Discord mic that denied working on your Android. Glimpse over them at once.

1. Not Giving Permission to Use Microphone on Discord

Whenever you’re using any new app on Android, make sure to give permission. Without allowing the mic permission, Discord may not connect with your phone to make calls, voice chat, etc. If you are denied Discord access, here are the steps that might work to solve this.


Step 1: Open your phone menu and long-press the Discord app icon. There is an “I” app icon located on the menu bar. Tap on it.

Discord app

Step 2: Give permissions or click on the allow button.

Give permissions

Step 3: Tap on the microphone icon and check whether it works. Make a call to anyone via Discord. You may now be able to hear everything from your mic.

microphone icon

2. Disabling Microphone Access from Privacy Settings

You can easily manage microphone permission for apps and other services. But if we look back to 2012 or later, getting access to any App mic for the previous Android user is tough. However, in case of microphone access is disabled on the phone, including Discord, it didn’t provide access to function properly. Check it once to solve the problem.


Step 1: Go to the Android menu bar, and open the settings. Then, search for the privacy option and flip on it.

Step 2: After navigating it, you’ll see another option on “controls and alerts.” Now, enable the mic access below the option.

Step 3: Finally, go back to the Discord App. Check out the mic to see if it is working or not.

3. Connecting With Other Bluetooth Devices

Another biggest concern is if your Discord mic suddenly stops working for connecting with another Bluetooth device. Because Discord uses it as an audio input device, you feel trouble using the mic on it.

To avoid this, disconnect all the accessories connected to your phone. Avoid putting the Microphone on mute, and check the volume levels twice. All these things help eliminate such difficulties if it is the root of this trouble.

4. Voice Input Mode In activeness

The Discord app usually comes with 2 voice input methods: voice activity and push to talk. When a user sets up the voice input mode to push to talk, it will let them speak in a voice channel. But you must press a particular button for them.

Similarly, you can change it when you want to talk over Voice activity mode. Follow the below steps to learn to change voice input mode on Discord.

  • Open the App> Click on Avatar (situated in the bottom right corner).
  • Now, tap on “Voice,” located under the App settings.
  • Click on “Input Mode”; now you’ll find a “Voice Activity” option. Tap it for a while. Navigate to this mode according to your need. You can set up two settings here.

5. Check Out the Voice Processing Features

Unlike any software application, Discord includes various voice processing features. Echo cancellation or navigation, background noise reduction, automatic voice control, etc., are common among them. Sometimes this application can cause the mic to work properly on Discord. One of the top ways to fix this issue is to disable those features.


Step 1: On Discord App, see the bottom right corner. There you find an avatar, tap on it.

Step 2: As soon as you click on it, you’ll see 6–7 options. Tap on “Voice.” Under this section, look for the “Echo Cancellation” option. Flip on it and disable this mode. Next, set the Noise suppression button to None.

Step 3: After finishing this, see below. You get two important options: “Automatic gain control” and “Advanced Voice Activity.”

Restart the App, and I hope it will start working.

6. Clear Caches

Accumulating caches on Discord can be the reason that lets your phone get a proper connection from the App. They hamper the phone’s performance and could deter the mic from working. On the other hand, old cache data often interferes with App functionality and causes problems.

To overcome such occasions, clear those caches from the App per day or per month. I want to know how to do that. Anticipate the following process as far as my instructions.

  • Disclose the App and then click on it again to right-corner Avatar.
  • Scroll down to find the “Device only” section. Here, you inspect the “clear caches” option.
  • Click on it and then clear them all.

7. Avoid to Update Apps

Due to the update issues, your Discord mic isn’t acting as par as your instructions. It is a common mistake avoided by many people. Updating apps regularly helps to improve app performance and detect any bugs. Therefore, check out the discord updates to avoid unexpected results.

Some More Fixes to Try to Fix Discord Mic In efficacious

If none of the following methods are not working for you, try them out. Those steps may help you in this regard.

1. Test Your Microphone

Sometimes, the external Microphone may be defective, so it cannot perform well. If you’re using any of it, ensure that this isn’t faulty. Try out this same Microphone on another device and check whether the problem is in it or the Apps.

If the Microphone works on other devices, move on to the rest of the solutions. But if it isn’t working, replace this mic and buy a new one.

2. Ensure to Use the Correct Microphone

Discord didn’t inspect the correct Microphone if you use more than one device connected. Using more than one Microphone on Discord could not help you to enjoy voice chatting here.

You must have selected one mic from your device so that it can automatically select another as an input device. Otherwise, set up the correct input device on Discord settings. If you wonder how to do that, switch on the following steps to change the input device.

  • Tap on your Discord App
  • Select the gear icon from the bottom left corner to get access. Now, select user settings.
  • Next, check out the left sidebar. Tap on “voice and video.”
  • Here you may see lots of options. Scrolling them one after one to find out the correct Microphone.
  • Select the right one from the voice settings, which is done now.

3. Restart Or Log Out of Discord

Logging out of the App and restarting it is one of the easiest ways to fix the Discord mic problem. If you do not have any ideas for logging out of Discord, follow these steps.

  • From the lower left corner, tap on the gear icon > then go to the Discord settings.
  • Scrolling from the bottom, click on the “logout” prompt situated on the left sidebar.

Lastly, log out of the App and then log in once again. Keep in mind that logging out from the Discord app doesn’t mean you’re taking leave from it. You can still log in using your email address and password.

4. Reset Voice Settings

If those above cases didn’t fix the problem, move on. Resetting the voice settings on Discord often works to solve this problem. Herein is the proper guidance by which you can reset voice settings on Discord. Do them fully and attentively.

  • Open your Discord app again, and go to the gear icon (located in the bottom left corner).
  • Then, open the “App’s Settings” > Click on “Voice & Video settings” under the App settings.
  • There, you will find “Reset voice settings.” Tap on it and wait for some time. Your phone may close for a while and open again on itself.

5. Disable Quality of Services

Another best fix to solve this is to disable the quality of services on Discord. Discord always comes with high packet priority features that give signals to the router. Whenever your router gets that signal, it is transferred and transmitted into a smooth connection.

If the router ISP and router network mess up together, it’ll hinder the Discord mic from working properly. Here is how you can disable Discord’s quality of service.

  • Go straight to the Discord settings > click on the Gear icon.
  • Scroll and select “Voice & Video icons” under the App settings.
  • Scroll again from your phone, and see the following options to find “Quality of services.”
  • Now, turn it off. Tap the enable button of the quality of service included high packet priority.

After disabling the quality of services, go to the Discord app again. Make a call with someone else to check whether it is working.

6. Reinstall Discord Apps

Last but not least, try out these fixes that might work for you this time. Reinstall the App after uninstalling it once again. Those apps sometimes have hidden corrupted files that prevent them from working appropriately. Here’s how you can uninstall the apps if you’re unfamiliar.

  • Go and then open the Control Panel > tap on “Programs & features.”
  • From the app list, click on “Discord.”
  • Tap to “Uninstall” by left-clicking.

Your next step is reinstalling the Discord app and connecting it to the Microphone. Check it once again, and I hope it may be solved.


Why is Discord not Letting Me Use My Mic?

Your discord access might obstruct your phone’s microphone permission to work. Sometimes the system permission is unmatched with your certain desktop applications to access the Microphone. In that case, while anyone is turning off automatic permission to use the Microphone, the Discord app may not have that access to run.

Why is My Microphone Not Working on Discord Mobile?

The common reason that the Microphone stopped working on Discord mobile for enabling the microphone access button from privacy settings. Check out the privacy settings on Android. If the access is disabled, enable it to connect between the Discord microphone and Android. Another reason is that your Microphone is not working on Discord mobile for low voice settings. Make sure to reset both voice and audio settings by pressing the “Reset” options.

Final Words

As you finish this, you may now learn many things about why and what to do if the discord mic not working on Android. Discord mic problems are very common, and the symptoms often occur for network issues. Check the Wi-Fi network while using the discord app on your android phone.

Also, inspect the voice settings and update options per month. If the Microphone is not up-to-date, your discord group calling may be disturbing and annoying. Besides this, clear all the apps’ cache files to manage some space on data storage. Keep patience while handling the mic issues on Discord.


Your discord mic not working on Android for manual issues, bugs, and cache files. Try out the above following solutions to resolve all the problems abruptly.

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