Discord Flip Camera – How to Fix

Discord usually doesn’t consider your device’s orientation settings when streaming. As a result, the virtual interaction gets interrupted. That is why many people want to know how to fix the discord flip camera.

Correcting the camera’s flip, whether a laptop webcam or smartphone camera, is challenging. However, the fixing processes are easy to follow.

I described several fixation methods. Let’s get going.

How to Fix Discord Flip Camera

Incorrect orientation of your laptop webcam may happen by default. This problem affects the quality of virtual interaction. Here is what you need to do when the camera flips during Discord streaming.

How to Fix Discord Flip Camera

Fixation 01: Update the Windows OS

Generally, webcams are configured automatically once connected to your motherboard. This way, if you notice that the camera is flipped when using Discord, all you need to do is check if Windows OS is asking for an update.

For this, follow below

Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update

Then choose Check for Updates

Don’t forget to install the updates if available. Your device may restart several times as a part of the update.

Windows OS update might fix the problem automatically and re-configure the camera. If this solution doesn’t help, there might be an issue with the webcam driver.

Fixation 02: Update or Reinstall the Webcam Driver

Are you using an external webcam? You might have installed an incorrect webcam driver, causing the discord flip camera.

It would always be best to download the compatible webcam driver from the manufacturer’s website and install it when using.

In the case of incorporated webcams, the problem can be solved easily if you reinstall the webcam driver.

Follow the below to do so,

Step 01: Go to Device Manager.

Step 02: Click the Built-in Camera / Camera. Then select the specified camera to uninstall.

  • While uninstalling, be careful not to delete the driver software.

Step 03: Next, restart your computer or laptop.

Step 04: After restarting, your webcam might have been reinstalled and reconfigured.

Does the problem still need to be fixed? Make sure you have installed the updated version of the webcam driver. It is convenient to ensure. Visit the manufacturer’s page of your laptop. Once landed on the manufacturer’s website, visit the drivers and software page to find out the latest version of the webcam driver. Then install it.

You can try out several webcam drivers to figure out which solves the discord flip camera problem. 

How to Fix Discord Flip Camera Problem in Smartphones?

In this section, I described fixing the discord flip camera problem for iPhone and Android devices.

For iPhone,

Step 01: Unlock your iPhone or iPad and visit Settings.

Step 02: Tap Camera

Step 03: In the Composition section, you will see Mirror Front Photos or Mirror Front Camera option. Toggle it.

Your iPhone camera will no longer flip after completing the above steps. You can enjoy a seamless video call when interacting with your friends using Discord.

For Android in Google Camera App,

Step 01: Open the camera app of your phone. Then switch to the selfie camera.

Step 02: Locate the gear icon. It is usually available in the top-left or top-right corner. This way, the camera settings will be opened.

  • Are you using a pixel phone? If yes, you will find a down-arrow in the top right corner; tap it. Then select Settings.

Step 03: Find out the option named “Save Selfies as Previewed” and toggle it.

Alternatively, you can do it from the Settings app. Ensure the following,

Settings > Apps > Camera > Camera settings and toggle on Save selfies as previewed.

Other Problems to Consider When Using Camera on Discord

Sometimes, discord flip camera settings have nothing to do with the live stream. If the problem still exists after trying all the solutions to solve the error, here is what you need to consider.

Clear Cache and Restart Your Device

A simple restart can help you fix the discord flip camera issue. This could be the best solution you require.

However, before starting, I suggest clearing the cache. Then restart your device. Next, check the video to see whether it is still flipped.

Do You Have an Active Internet Connection?

If the Discord setting is perfectly fine, but your camera is still flipped, the problem might be your internet connection.

The best possible solution is to restart your modem. If the problem still needs to be fixed, consider updating your service.

Buy a Premium-quality Camera

You can choose any webcam with Discord. You don’t have to use a specific camera type with your desktop or laptop.

I recommend buying a premium-quality camera. Using a high-quality camera for the Discord live stream will show zero problems.

Avoid Using Other Apps

Usually, we don’t bother using different apps when live streaming on Discord. Using other apps should be avoided when streaming Discord.

Other apps may conflict with Discord and may cause a flip camera. So, close all the unwanted apps and enjoy live streaming in Discord.

Quick Fix Discord Camera Wrong Resolution


How do I flip my camera horizontally on Discord with OBS?

Visit the Edit Menu. Click Transform. Then select Flip Horizontal and Viola. You have successfully flipped your camera on Discord with OBS.

Last Words

Hopefully, the above guide will solve the discord flip camera issue easily. If you need to communicate with friends or do live to stream on Discord, flipping is annoying sometimes.

So, have a trouble-free discord streaming by following the steps mentioned above and make everything work perfectly before starting a video call.

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