Dell Computer Speakers Not Working: What To Do

My Dell computer speakers not working – I heard of this saying several times. That’s not unusual anyway that any electronic gadget sometimes can stop working or starts behaving a little strangely.

I’m a Dell laptop user and I can address this problem more than anyone else. Here, in this post, I’m going to end up with some possible solutions so that you can fix the issue.

Here is Why Your Dell computer speakers not working

Why Your Dell computer speakers not working

There are a host of reasons as to why the audio or the sound system of the Dell Inspiron laptop is not functioning properly. It might be because the integrated speakers of your Dell Inspiron are not selected properly, or you keep the speaker still muted unknowingly.

It is also possible that the headphone jack is not functioning, or you’re trying for sound or audio, while the audio or sound card istainted. Sometimes, due to Windows system causes such problems if the Windows is glitched.

If none of the above caused is responsible for your Dell laptop’s audio problem, it is might be computer program itself. A computer program like any media player may cause when the player is not configured properly.

If you find dell computer speakers not working, the defective speaker might be the possible reason. This is the worst reason of all possible causes. Any damaged component of your Dell laptop or computer might play a massive role here.

What to do in such circumstances, when you discover any damaged component in your laptop? In such circumstances, you should call a technician who is good at Dell Inspiron to assess hardware and repair if requires.

Well, should you attempt to fix yourself before you call a Dell technician? Truly, you can still try to troubleshoot the causes at your best. Is the problem related to software or hardware – try to identify the problem.

Still, confused? Read on to find out what you should do first – trying yourself or calling a Dell technician.

Dell computer speakers not working : What to do?

Before you call a Dell hardware or software expert to fix the audio problem, you should try any of the recommended methods. The below-mentioned methods will help you get back the audio without employing any expert. Find them below.

Method 1: Run an Audio Test/Diagnostics

Your Dell Inspiron laptop comes with several diagnostic tools that help to identify problems and separate out the kind of those. Try to employ the most suitable one to separate out the problems and learn if the problem is relating to software or hardware.

Run the Pre-boot Assessment Tests (PSA) or Enhanced Pre-boot System Assessment Diagnostics (ePSA). Any of these operations will help you learn if the problem is due to software or for hardware.

To operate Pre-boot Assessment Tests (PSA), follow these steps:

  • Keep your laptop turned off
  • Press and hold the F key and press the Power button. The system should run on.
  • Once the system is on, release both buttons.
  • The PSA diagnostics should start on.

You may get several alert tones as well as error messages as long as the diagnosis on going on. If you get any error message, it means the problem relates to hardware. If not, this implies, the problem has nothing to do with hardware.

Method 2: Restart the Laptop

If you’re facing such problem for the first time with your Dell Inspiron laptop, nothing to get worried. Restart the laptop and wait to see what happens later. By doing so, you can rectify the glitch. Windows sometimes cause an interruption in the carrying out the movement of audio and sound system due to glitched function.

If there is no serious issue that relates to hardware or software, you can get the sound back in no time.

Method 3: Check the Settings

If you say my Dell computer speakers not working, it might be because the speakers are muted. So, you need to make sure that the speakers are not muted. If they are muted, go to audio settings to fix the issue.

  • Click on the Volume/Sound icon from the Taskbar
  • Adjust the volume level as your wish

If not, find an alternative.

  • Click on the same Volume/Sound icon from the Taskbar
  • Choose Sound
  • Check Sound Scheme

You have another option to try.

  • Choose Volume Control Option to manipulate volume.

In addition, you can check the connection of speakers after doing all. If you are using an external speaker, make sure all are connected properly.

Method 4: Update Audio Driver

A minor issue on your audio system of your laptop might be because of outdated audio drivers. Inappropriate BIOS settings are also a potential reason. To avoid such unwelcoming situation, keep the driver and BIOS updated. By doing this small act, you can experience optimum performance all the way.

Update Audio Driver

Final Method: Reformat and Reinstall Windows

If nothing is left to you and works to fix the problem, you can try this method. No problem can revive with reformatting and reinstalling Windows. No matter – minor or major software-related issues will get resolved by a new version of Windows.

If you have no option except reinstalling Windows, you have to install Windows. All saved data on your laptop will get erased from the system. Even the software bug, that is preventing the audio system to run will get erased too. Thus, you can get rid of the problem.

Once you decide to carry out this task, make sure you move all the essential data to safer drive or storage. To reformat and reinstall the Windows, perform the following steps:

  • Go to Home screen
  • Tap on the Search the web and Windows box
  • Type RESET
  • Click Get Started
  • Select Remove Everything
  • Choose just remove my files

Then, follow the on-screen instruction to complete formatting and installing Windows. By course of processing, your computer will reboot several times automatically. Don’t cancel any of the reboots.

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The Bottom Lines

I hope, any of the above-mentioned formulas will work to fix your case. Nevertheless, if you are still stuck with the audio system, you should contact Dell Support. Describe why your Dell computer speakers not working and get expert help.

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