How to convert sound bar to center speaker

Soundbars are a kind of speaker arrangement that can be either a series of speakers placed in front of one another to create an even sound field or is more typically between the two main stereo speakers.

A center speaker is positioned below the TV, often attached to it and aimed up at the ceiling or high on a wall. Usually, it sits on top of or next to the TV stand, cabinet, console, etc., however, some audio-video receivers have an integrated home theater system that incorporates both surround and center speakers with its own enclosure.

The center channel speaker handles most if not all the dialog and music (including vocals) in a movie. It makes sense to have the soundbar – which is designed to be placed below or in front of a TV – take over the center channel duties. This gets rid of an additional speaker and an additional amplifier.

How do you convert soundbar to center channel speaker?

The answer depends on whether you want to replace your current center speaker or embed the soundbar as part of your home theater system.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for converting a soundbar into a center speaker.

sound bar to center speaker

Tools required for this project:

1. Electrical Tape

2. 4 Screws and Anchors (16mm x 2″)

Step 1: Turn the sound bar upside down and unscrew the two screws holding in the top panel. Once removed, flip it back over and set it aside.

Step 2: Remove the screws holding in the casing and carefully remove the back panel of the speaker.

Step 3: Place the speaker face down on the table. Locate where to cut out a circle (about 2 inches in diameter) made out of the metal mesh covering that separates each channel. Use your trusty utility knife or metal cutter to do so. Repeat on both sides. A new hole should now appear on the center speaker.

Step 4: With the speaker face up on a flat surface, place your new center speaker inside of the soundbar. Line up the holes and then use your new screws and anchors to bolt it down. Repeat this step on both sides.

Step 5: Using your scotch tape, just tape the center speaker onto the frame you cut out from the mesh.

Step 6: Once you’ve tracked down all sides, continue to use your screws to attach the center speaker firmly in place. Your system should now sound much better!

Step 7: Optional step: glue the speaker to the sound bar. This will help prevent wobbling and rattling. The glue should match up with the color of the speaker for a seamless look.

Can You Use a Soundbar With a Receiver?

Yes. A sound bar can work with a receiver. You will need to purchase a wireless connection kit or an audio cable that has a jack that fits your receiver or soundbar. The wireless connection kit will allow you to send your TV’s audio out to the soundbar and in turn the soundbar will send its audio out to the speakers in your room. Or if you want to use a wire instead, make sure it’s long enough to connect the soundbar to the receiver or surround audio.

Can You Use a Soundbar With a Receiver?

Can You Use a Soundbar as a Speaker?

Yes. A soundbar can be used as a speaker. Soundbars are becoming more and more popular in households today because of their ease of use, and the lack of work needed to put them in place. A soundbar will replace your television’s speakers. When placed properly it will give you an excellent listening experience that is comparable to what you would get from a traditional surround system. A good soundbar should provide you with a 100 watt or greater audio output. You will have to match the wattage output of your speakers to the wattage level that is recommended by the manufacturer of your soundbar.

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Final word

The importance of your center speaker cannot be overstated. The sound quality of your home theater system will now be enhanced significantly. The most common setup has the subwoofer at the front left side of the room and a left, center, and right speaker on your left, right, and center sides respectively. A sound bar however usually doesn’t have a separate speaker for each channel so we often find ourselves in need of converting one channel into another.

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