Bluetooth Toggle Missing Windows 10 Dell

It’s annoying if you require to attach a wireless device to your laptop but can’t since Bluetooth Toggle Missing Windows 10 Dell.

It’s possible that many things are at play here, including but not limited to out-of-date drivers or the Windows operating system, improper settings, or other system faults.

If you are facing the issue of Bluetooth Toggle Missing Windows 10 Dell, this tutorial can help you find it.

Reasons Why Bluetooth Toggle Missing Windows 10 Dell

Bluetooth in Windows 10 allows you to wirelessly connect peripherals like headphones, cameras, and speakers as well as share data with other machines. Thus, it is really annoying when the Bluetooth switch in the Action Center suddenly vanishes.

Bluetooth may be working correctly, but if the settings are off, you won’t see it in the Action Center. If Bluetooth isn’t working, it might be because your computer doesn’t identify nearby Bluetooth devices.

Steps to Turn on Bluetooth on Dell

Despite the elegance and simplicity of Bluetooth technology, activating its features and linking a device for the first instance might be challenging due to the location of the necessary settings in the depths of a computer’s system options.

Disable any Bluetooth gadgets you may have. Connectivity issues may arise in the future if your computer recognizes the device before its full capability has been set.

To access the Windows Settings menu, hit Win+I. Pick Devices. Choose Bluetooth on the left side of the screen. To enable Bluetooth, choose it from the list underneath Manage Bluetooth devices on the right.

Turn on Bluetooth

If you have Bluetooth switched on, Windows must be capable of locating your Bluetooth devices and should also be able to be found by those devices.

It is possible that Windows was unable to identify any accessible Bluetooth adapter in your computer or that the adapter itself is malfunctioning if the Bluetooth option is not visible to you and there is no toggle next to it.

Methods to Solve Bluetooth Toggle Missing Windows 10

In the event that the Bluetooth toggle on your Dell laptop is missing, there are certain ways you may implement to get it operating again in a fast and simple manner.

Examine the Bluetooth General Adapter

You wish to switch on or off the Bluetooth feature on your personal computer, but you discover that there is no toggle for the Bluetooth feature in the Windows configurations. In Windows 11 and 10, if the Bluetooth toggle is absent from the Settings menu, it most likely means that the Bluetooth driver is either not loaded properly or is corrupted. Here is how you may check to see whether the driver for your Bluetooth device was installed successfully.

Proceed to start page. Perform a search for and launch Device Manager. Select View from the drop-down list, then select Show Hidden Devices from the submenu that appears.

Show Hidden Devices

Bluetooth or Bluetooth Radios should be expanded. Next, if you look at your Bluetooth adapters and see that any of them have a yellow question mark next to them, this indicates that the driver was not loaded properly. To upgrade the driver program, right-click just on Bluetooth adapter, and then pick the appropriate option.

If you are unsure which Bluetooth adapter serves as your main one, you should upgrade all of them. Repeat the procedures outlined above to activate Bluetooth through the Windows settings after the driver has been brought up to date. If the driver is functioning as it should, you must be able to access the toggle when you go into the Bluetooth Settings.

Remove any and all Bluetooth drivers

In the event that Windows discovers hardware for which no driver is available, it will automatically install the necessary driver software. If a driver is already present but is malfunctioning, you can try removing all drivers and then restarting the system to verify if Windows will reinstall them automatically.

Bluetooth drivers can be removed through the operating system’s Device Manager. Please proceed through the first three steps as described above. To delete the driver, right-click the Bluetooth adapters from the list, and afterward pick Uninstall. When you restart your computer, the Bluetooth drivers should download and install themselves automatically. If the Bluetooth toggle is still absent, try the steps outlined above to activate Bluetooth in Windows 10.

activate Bluetooth

For certain Bluetooth adapters, the necessary driver software is already installed. You should also look in the Programs and Features section to verify if there are any Bluetooth-related applications and if there are, remove it.

Personalize the Quick Actions Menu by Making Changes

The menu for the Action Center may be divided in half. Messages from your system and installed applications are shown at the top.

The shortcuts to the most important settings are located in the Quick Actions menu at the very bottom. For space saving purposes, Windows 10 will shrink the Quick Actions panel if there are several alerts to show. When you select Expand, the Action Center menu will reveal all of its available quick-access options.

It’s possible that you’ve accidentally disabled the Bluetooth shortcut, or that the feature isn’t activated by default, which would explain why Action Center doesn’t show any Bluetooth shortcuts. Whatever the root of the problem, here’s how to solve it:

To access Action Center, tap Win + A, and then pick Manage notifications from its menu.

Modify your shortcuts by clicking the link. With this, you can access the settings for the Action Center.

Chose to Add subsequently Bluetooth and lastly Done.

Quick Actions Menu

Verify the Bluetooth Connectivity of Your Device

Your Bluetooth drivers may be outdated or nonexistent if you are unable to add Bluetooth to the Action Center fast list. Here is how you may verify whether Bluetooth is available and installed correctly on your device:

  • To access Devices, use the Windows Key + I shortcut to launch the Settings panel.
  • If an option to “Bluetooth & other devices” is there on your gadget’s settings panel, then it can communicate with Bluetooth devices.
  • If the menu is hidden, type “device manager” into the Start menu’s search field and choose the result that comes up as the best match.
  • Determine whether the list of devices includes a Bluetooth menu.

To see whether Bluetooth is hidden away, go to the View menu and choose Show hidden devices.

If Bluetooth isn’t already installed on your computer, you may add it using an adapter. When picking on an adapter, it’s important to take compatibility features into account.

Bluetooth on off switch missing windows 10


How do I get Bluetooth back on my Dell laptop?

Answer- Apply the following to restore your Bluetooth functionality:

In order to access the device management, please do the following. Search for “devmgmt.msc” in the Windows search box or press Windows + R.

Pick ‘Show Hidden Devices’ from the ‘View’ menu at the top. When the Bluetooth option appears, choose it. Finally, restart the computer.

Why is my Bluetooth not showing up on my Dell laptop?

Answer- Enter “troubleshoot” into the Search bar. In the menu of available software, choose Troubleshoot (system settings) by either clicking or touching its icon. Issues that need to be addressed are listed under the heading  Find and fix other problems, then either click or touch Bluetooth or Launch the troubleshooter and proceed with the on-screen instructions. Please be sure to dismiss the Settings window after troubleshooting is complete.

How do I fix Bluetooth Device Manager is missing?

Answer- To remedy the situation, consider using-

Use the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter and the Bluetooth diagnostic tool.
Please restart the Bluetooth Support Service.

To use a device, you need to enable it in the Device Manager.
Locate the Bluetooth driver from the developer’s website and save it to your computer.
Deactivate Fast Startup.
Delete the most recent Windows Update.


Bluetooth’s wireless connectivity has proven to be a convenient and beneficial feature. However, it might be bothersome if your Bluetooth toggle missing Windows 10 Dell laptop. Your Dell laptop’s Bluetooth toggle option may have disappeared, but with the information provided here, you should be able to get it back.

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