Can I Use Windows 10 Product Key For Windows 11?

The recently launched Windows 11 has allowed some users to figure out that they can access and install the new Windows on their devices with the product key from the previous generations. You can, in fact, use Windows 7 Professional, 8.1 as well as 10’s original keys to upgrade to Windows 11 easily.

Take a minute to find out all the details: Can I use Windows 10 product key for Windows 11? We got it all covered right here for you. Stick till the end to find out how to go about this process with details further along the way.

How Can I Use Windows 10 Product Key For Windows 11?

How Can I Use Windows 10 Product Key For Windows 11?

Installing Windows using 11 using the original 25-character code from previous generations, such as 7 Professional and 8.1, is a doable job. However, in doing so, you must have proper knowledge of how and what to do.

However, you must be aware of the fact that just because you can install the software does not mean you have access to the original one. There are certain criteria you need to fulfill. Follow the steps mentioned down below to make proper use of this sneaky hack –

Run The Computer With The Windows 11 Flash Drive

Before you begin the process of installing the new Windows 11 software on your device, get everything you need first. It is best to have the flash drive ready on hand, as installing and running the software could be time-consuming.

Insert the flash drive into the computer’s USB port gently and start the computer. The computer may take a while to process the content on the flash drive. Therefore, allowing the computer some time before hitting any button is ideal.

Over a few minutes of time, the screen will display a blank screen for a while, but there is no need for you to panic about it.

Hit Any Button To Enable The Windows Home Screen

Once the blank screen appears, wait a few minutes and then hit any key on the keyboard or from the mouse.

And once you do that, you will be forwarded to a page with further instructions on inputting the code and running Windows 11 with the product keys of Windows 10.

Select The Language And Settings And Hit Next

You will be asked to input your preferred language, currency and time format, and location on this page. Although you can still customize it further into the “Settings,” you are now required to fill in these details for the software to install and run on your device.

Filling in these details will allow the software to run seamlessly while being compatible with your timezone and location. Therefore, it makes it easier for your computer to load your geographical information for easy installation.

Enter The “Install” Tab

Once you are done with the preferred language, time settings, and location, you will be able to proceed with the installation once you hit the “Install” option. This is when your computer begins to load and run the software once it has been installed.

There isn’t any given or fixed time for how long it would take to install the software. It varies depending on how fast and reliable the computer is.

It is said that newer and more updated computers with powerful internals take much less time than old and refurbished devices. Install the software; it can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes to up to an hour for certain devices.

However, it is important to refrain from interrupting the computer during this process. Any interruption could cause the installation process to malfunction and cause you to have to restart the entire process again.

However, once the installation is completed, you will need to allow the computer a few more minutes to rest again. Once the installation is completed, follow the directions on the screen. You should then be taken to a page that asks for more instructions to be followed for installation to complete.

Enter The 25 Character Code

Now, you should be taken to a page that asks you to enter the Product Key. This is where the sneaky business happens. You will now need to input the Product Key of Windows 10 or other compatible previous generations to run the software properly.

However, before inputting the Product Key, you must read through the details on the screen. Make sure you know what is being asked of you so you don’t end up confused or struggling in the future if you need to reinstall it again.

The 25-character code may combine numbers, letters, or symbols. It is important to input each item accurately so your computer can verify the installation of the software and install it properly without any complications. Again, you may need to provide your device sometime for the new installation and data to load properly. Your screen may go around in circles for a few minutes and then forward you to another page.

Hit “Next” And Follow Up With The On Screen Directions

You are now almost at the end of your installation process of Windows 11 using Windows 10 Product Key. Once the 25-character code has been input, your computer will take a few minutes to verify your license.

This verification may also require some time for your computer to get used to and load the new data. However, it should be a manageable amount of time.

Once the computer has verified your license, your device may refresh a few times before restarting the device. That said, once the license verification is complete, your computer will restart with a few more follow-up instructions left to follow.

Apart from the rest of the follow-up instructions, your device has been successfully installed and is ready to run the new Windows 11 using the Windows 10 Product Key.

How to Activate Windows 11 Using Windows 10 Product Keys

Bottom Line

Although the new Windows 11 has yet to be officially launched, users worldwide have had access to the newer version of Windows and taken the liberty of rummaging through it.

It has been proven lately that it is possible to access the new Windows 11 using the Product Keys from prior generations, such as Windows 10. Therefore, you can now upgrade your computer to Windows 11 even if you don’t have the Product Key to this version.

You can now easily access this version without any fuss. Hence, you don’t have to wonder – can I use Windows 10 Product Key for Windows 11 anymore and easily gain access to it? However, be aware that just because you can access this version of Windows does not mean you have the original one.

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