Do You Need Antivirus For Windows 11 – Safety Concern For Your PC

Until now, the most impressive thing about computers is the caliber to store data. Again to keep secrecy of data, we install antivirus. Nonetheless, do you need antivirus for windows 11? The answer is certainly yes. No matter which windows edition we use, the antivirus plays a significant role in to fight against cyber pirates and other harmful elements.

The computer is one of the gadgets that lessened our efforts by many degrees. No matter what we do, from calculation to architecture, from communication to astronomical research, everywhere we need a computer to fix every problem. As a result, it became an essential task to perform which is to keep our data and pc safe.

Let’s know some more details about the essentiality of the antivirus.

Do You Need Antivirus For Windows 11 – Essentiality Of Antivirus

Do You Need Antivirus For Windows 11

Virus sounds so harsh and like the damage due to real virus in our body, virtual virus harms our personal computer and data. It is recommended by Microsoft company to install antivirus software on our computers.

Virus And Antivirus For Windows

If you want to know about antivirus, you must know the details of the virus. The general concept about a computer virus is it is malicious software that is based on code.

It can spread automatically from computer to computer. Not only that, the gadgets like pen drives, tabs, mobiles, and others.

A computer virus is a massively complex element. Generally, black hat hackers are responsible for coding computer viruses and thereafter releasing those to the users. The primitive purpose of this malicious particle is to steal data of a certain one or harm the users.

The solution that fights against viruses is the antivirus. It is basically software that works like a shield to your computer. It also reserves the ability to detect unwanted files that exist on your computers or other gadgets. Today we can experience a plethora of antiviruses from different companies.

The primary task of an antivirus is to perform a scan in your computer randomly, detect harmful files and terminate them. It also informs the users about the virus if the attacker tries to enter into it.

Though Windows 11 is the latest version of Windows, it also requires an antivirus that builds a strong shield.

Essentially Of Antivirus In Windows 11

windows 11

If there is a lock, there is also a key. Several artisans have developed Windows with codes. Nonetheless, there are some coders who are unethical and unlawful.

Their major task is to attack a user and steal data. Sometimes, they encrypt your files so that you cannot access them. All occurrences are initiated by viruses.

So, the concept regarding the essentiality of an antivirus is clear. Yet, here are some of the major benefits you will perceive from an antivirus.

Protection Against Virus

The most prominent task that an antivirus performs is to create a barrier to harmful viruses. If you desire to keep your data and computer safe and sound, an antivirus is a must. It will protect your data by stopping the virus at the entrance. Therefore, the chance of unwanted guests no longer exists.

Protection Against Spying

Antiviruses from different authorities can stop people from spying on you. There is plenty of software that is not actually viruses. It works like general software and sends data to other people. Sometimes, it is difficult to trace their existence.

Antivirus can help you to analyze the overall performance of a computer. As a result, during the examination period, the software that sends your data to other companies or people, antivirus highlights those.

Protection Of Web Activities

Though there is a general way to restrict web activities, yet, it is not that much strong to fight against any attacker. However, antivirus on your windows computer can do it without paying much effort. It covers all the information that is monitored by another person.

Protection On Spam Folders

Today, we also face plenty of problems like spam messages, emails, and others. Antiviruses are meant to observe all the spam folders and serve you a report on all. You may be interested to know How Many GPUs Can Windows 11 Support.


How do I get Windows 11 in S mode?

Answer: You can only get S mode in the home edition if you are using Windows 11. You can install it from the Microsoft store by searching for S mode. And S mode refers to Security and Performance.

Do you still need virus protection with Windows 11?

Answer: Yes, we need a virus protection system for Windows 11. Day after day, unethical hackers also update the virus attacking styles.

So, to keep privacy, you must install an antivirus on your computer. A good antivirus will keep your pc and files safe from harmful hands.


Antivirus software works as a miracle shield for a computer that stops the entry of an unwanted object or observation. Do you need antivirus for Windows 11? We firmly believe that you know now how important the antivirus is. No matter which edition of Windows you use, you must install antivirus software.

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