Fix-Spell Check not working in Word – Complete Guide

Are you one of those who tried to get an important document but spell check not working in Word?

However, Microsoft word is beneficial to write with styles, specific formats ignoring grammatical errors.

Sometimes, it seems very annoying when the spellchecker isn’t working correctly. I have also faced this issue a couple of times. In this article, I will show you how to fix this issue. Hopefully, the following steps would be useful for you to protect your document. So read on till the end.

why is spell check not working in word

Solutions for fixing the spell check not working in word 2016

Problem 1: Spell check fixing for a specific document:

Sometimes, you are likely to face spell check is not working for a single specific file. Then you can open other documents. Eventually, the spell check does work for you. In that case, look for the language or formatting options to fix the problem.

Steps to follow:


Changing Conception

This is another significant feature in MS word. Also very beneficial for writers too.

Proofing exception is another setting you can check to fix this issue. Sometimes, hide spelling errors are activated there and cause spell check not working on word mac. So follow the steps I am going to share with you.

  • Go to the File tab and choose Options.
  • A dialogue box will open.
  • From the left panel, select the proofing option and click it.
  • Then scroll up to the bottom line of the dialogue box and pause to the Exceptions.
  • Uncheck Hide Spelling errors in this document only option. Check if it is enabled or not.

Problem 2: Spell check not working for any document:

Many users can face it as a real annoying issue with dynamic variations. Multiple solutions are there to fix this problem. Let’s have a close look at that.

Solution 1: Check spelling verification:

  • Go to the review tab
  • Then click on the check document.
  • Get a Spelling and grammar option.
  • A dialogue box will open.
  • Search the Check spelling as you type and Mark grammar errors as you type options.
  • Then click, Ok.

Solution 2: Check another Word Add-In Is Interrupting or Not:

The problem may arise due to having a combination of another Word add-in. The best solution is to check the spell check “safe mode” option. This is a reduced functionality program loaded with MS word except for any add-ins. To solve it, follow the steps.

  1. Go to the keyboard and hold the Ctrl key.
  2. Then click on the word menu options.
  3. You will get A Safe Mode dialogue box.
  4. Click yes.
  5. Now you can open a document from Word.
  6. Press F7 for checking the spell errors in the document.

Solution 3: Rename the word template:

The problem you are facing can be interconnected with the global template for the MS word older or newer versions. For example, they could be or else standard .dotm type.

However, you can figure out them on the MS template folder options. By changing the template name, you are likely to make it ready to reset itself for the default setting.

Are you yet too sure about the location of the templates?

Then go to the Windows key + R. A dialogue box will open and then enter %appdata%\Microsoft\templates this command.

Solution 4: Repair the installation:

Many a time we update the software or bring ultimate change to the hardware parts. For this reason, the registry entry may have been interrupted. So try to find it out and repair the issue. Sometimes you look for signature in word electrically in a word document.

Solution 5: Rename the Windows Registry Folder:

This solution is suitable for advanced users who are already aware of the MS Windows registry info. Sometimes the problem has a solution in the suggested area.

Instead of deleting it, rename the folder can be helpful for you. The following steps are there for you to bring a change to the proofing tools folder name.

  • Shut off the MS word.
  • Then press Windows key+ R.
  • A dialogue box will open for you. Run it and type Regedit.
  • Then click the OK option.
  • Go to the left pane to HKEY_CURRENT_USER  I Software I  Microsoft  I   Shared Tools  I  Proofing Tools.
  • Click to the right folder named 1.0.
  • Choose the rename from the word menu option.
  • Then rename the folder.
  • Shut off the Regedit.
  • Restart the Microsoft word.

Some additional tips to remember:

  • The Microsoft word should not be saved with different language dictionaries, not in use. Go to the Review Tab > language > Language Preference.
  • Ensure about the custom dictionary is associated with the word or not. If it is, then exclude the option. Go to the File > Options > Proofing > Custom Dictionaries.


Spell check not working in Word is absolutely a severe problem for the users. This has been a popular office application for more than decades. Sometimes the editor pays very little attention to it.

Poor monetization or some issues in the setting, create this kind of problem. Hopefully, the solutions we provide come up with beneficial effects to fix the issue.

How to fix Grammar and spell check not working in Microsoft word 2007-2016

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