HP Laptop Keeps Losing Wifi Connection Windows 11

Working on your laptop requires a good and reliable flow of internet connection to maximize your work output. However, it gets annoying when your laptop constantly searches for a better and more reliable connection.

There are a few reasons this could be happening, such as adapter glitching, network Interruptions, and being out of range for the connection.

These problems can easily be solved with a few minor alterations. The reason your HP laptop keeps losing WiFi connection Windows 11 has nothing for you to worry about. Stick till the end as we discuss these problems and how you could resolve them.

Reasons Why Hp Laptop Keeps Losing Wifi Connection Windows 11

Why Hp Laptop Keeps Losing Wifi Connection Windows 11

There are a few common problems that could lead your laptop to lose its connection to the new Windows 11. You don’t have to worry because these problems have nothing to do with your laptop or the new Windows you just installed.

We have mentioned a few reasons this could happen down below –

Adapter Glitches

Any and every electrical gadget, at some point, can end up malfunctioning and disrupting long-term use. Wifi is one such device that is constantly being used by multiple devices 24/7, which is why it is only natural for it to glitch at times.

Routers are known to glitch and become unpredictable after being used for a long time. These devices lose their power over time and cannot provide such a strong connection over long distances.

The loss of powerful connection is not due to your service provider or because you are out of range. It is simply because the adapter has become old and worn out. Hence, it is unable to provide as powerful and consistent a connection as it used to.

However, your laptop would struggle to remain connected to one network even if you had a good internet connection.

The weakness of your adapter is the reason why your fully functioning HP laptop with the latest Windows 11 keeps losing the WiFi connection. An old router could cause your laptop to connect and disconnect its WiFi connection on the laptop constantly. If this is the case, you should replace your old WiFi with a newer one with bigger and better antennas.

Network Interruption

Network Interruption

Network Interruptions are a common problem to face when your laptop is connected to multiple networks in one place, and one of the networks starts to connect and disconnect constantly. Several factors could lead to this situation.

It may be because the router is old, glitchy, and faulty or because your internet connection is weak.

Moreover, it can also be because you are out of the wifi range for a WiFi connection causing the device to search for a reliable and stronger network in its surroundings.

When your laptop is constantly interrupted by several network connections, your work progress will inevitably be slow and undermined due to the connection. It may also lead your laptop to stress due to this constant connection inconsistency.

To resolve this problem, you should find one spot that is close to a reliable and stronger WiFi connection. Choose one network that you know is good and disconnect the others. Now you will have a consistent flow of internet connection without network Interruptions. 

Out Of Range

Going out of wifi range and blaming it on the internet connection is nothing new for most laptop users. It may be because they need to stretch their legs or receive a phone call that has to walk away from where they are at.

This is a common problem for most, as remaining in one spot for hours on end can be very bad for our body, health, and posture.

Therefore, when this shift happens, and they are out of range for the WiFi connectivity, it may take them a while before they realize they are at fault for the disconnection. And not because of poor connection or the service providers.

The antennas on the WiFi are designed to provide you connectivity only some of the way through a large house. These devices have a limited range of reach.

However, if you live in a house large enough or have an office where hundreds of people are constantly using the WiFi, you can sometimes walk out of range. Your laptop may search for a better and stronger network since the connected network is weak and out of range.

In such cases, you should get WiFi with better, stronger, and with a few more antennas. You should also redirect the antennas for a better and stronger network connection.

Inconsistent Network

Sometimes the reason why your laptop loses connection for no apparent reason is because of your network provider. The people who provide you with the internet connection themselves may struggle with a proper internet connection. As a result, you, too, end up receiving a poor connection on your laptop.

These poor and inconsistent connections will constantly cause your laptop to search for a better and stronger network connection. Therefore, you will experience constant connection and disconnection of your network.

This inconsistency can cause several issues regarding your performance, as you will most likely be unable to complete any of your work that requires an internet connection due to constant lagging.

This constant struggle with a connection could also affect your device and cause it to slow down significantly. You will inevitably need help with your performance as you won’t be able to get anything done.

Your work speed and output will decline, and you will have an unsatisfying and underwhelming result.

The poor connectivity on your laptop will also stress your device. This will add more pressure to get more work done on the device and, as a result, eventually, will decline its performance significantly.

The solution to this problem is to change your network provider and get your internet from a more reliable source or level up your internet speed for a better and stronger connection.

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Bottom Line

Working on your laptop using a WiFi connection has many benefits and problems. However, when it comes to your Hp laptop keeps losing WiFi connection to Windows 11, you don’t have much to worry about. It is simply because of a few technical issues that can easily be resolved.

Changing your internet service provider, replacing your old wifi, and a few other simple and minor tweaks can help you eliminate this problem. It will also allow your laptop to rest easily without worrying about overloading or pressuring itself.

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