How To Install A Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Who doesn’t love to enjoy music on their road to the destination? And if you plan to install it inside the car, we recommend you install a shallow mount subwoofer. Setting up the regular subs is complicated but these compact subs are easy! Let’s check out how to install a shallow mount subwoofer in easy steps!

How To Install A Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Installation Position

Before you install the shallow mount subwoofer, you must know where you’re going to mount it! Yes, in the case of the under-seat subwoofers, it’s almost easy to set them anywhere. But to get the best out of the bass it provides, there are two places where you can install them.

Speaker Deck

At times, you want to listen to some nice bass from your car which comes out from the inside! However, the sound is not too loud to make noise outside. In this case, placing your shallow mount speakers on the deck of the rear part of your car will be perfect.

The sub will be behind the back seats. All you need is to run them to an amplifier. With this, it will go in the car’s trunk and there you go! You can put it in the trunk too! But for both of these, you must know how to install under-seat subwoofers!

The Trunk

Another place to settle the shallow mount subwoofer is inside the trunk. Well, this one is for loud music lovers. When you plan to enjoy the music and let it be heard from a long way away, this is the best deal.

Get the subs inside the trunk and enjoy the loudest outside music! But for both of these, you must know how to install under-seat subwoofers!

 Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Step by Step Shallow Mount Subwoofer Installation

We are here to tell you how you can install a shallow mount subwoofer! The wiring is easy, all you need is a bit of focus!

Step 1: Deal with the Seats

To install the subwoofer under your car seat, first of all, you have to get your hands on the backseats of your vehicle. You cannot settle for the front seats in this case. Get the backseats and take them out of your car. You can’t install the subwoofer when the car seats are inside.

Step 2: Get the Wire through the Hole

Once the rear car seats are out, you have to go through the power wire. Get a hold of the power wire and connect it with the battery. This will help in powering the subwoofers.

To get this power wire inside your car, you will need a hole. Search for a hole and if necessary, you have to create one for the job! Once you get the hole, hold the power wire and get the wire inside your vehicle.

Step 3: Mount the Subs

So, the wire is already inside now! It’s your time to mount the subwoofer. But where are you going to mount it? As this one is a shallow mount under-seat subwoofer, these are usually compact. And this is why you are placing it beneath your seat! For mounting, you need a box.

Make sure you get your hands on a wooden cardboard box that will hold the subs perfectly. Also, you don’t need to worry because these subwoofers are lightweight.

Step 4: Turn-on the Wires

When you are all set with the subwoofer’s mounting, you have to connect RCA output cables. In some cases, you might need to go through connecting the input wiring too! After you are done, wire the RCA. Certify that you are careful in this case. It’s time to turn the wires on. Go through the audio head and turn them on.

Step 5: Check and Replace

Get a hole in the negative wire first and then your job is to connect it to the bare metal of your car. You can pick up the position of your choice! With this, you have to check if the power connection is working properly or not.

Once you are done, you have to adjust the bass according to your preference. And now, just the way you go the seat out, replace it and zip tie the wiring for safety!

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Wrap Up

The work isn’t though at all! If you have installed the regular subwoofers, mounting the under-seat ones surely is a plaything for you. Just don’t miss the small details and you are all set!

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