What Is Shallow Mount Subwoofer?

You don’t need too much bass or noise in the kitchen or bathroom when it comes to music. Well, the same goes for tight spaces like your car. For listening to music, if you want something compact and perfect for the small space- it is the shallow mount subwoofers.

Users among you who have used it already know how spectacular these sound! Do you know what is shallow mount subwoofer and if you should get it or not? We will tell you!

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Shallow Mount Subwoofers

Shallow Mount Subwoofers

The shallow mount subwoofers are the ones that have low mounting depth. And the low mounting depth allows you to install or mount them in small spaces. In short, if you have a tight space and you want to install subwoofers, this one can be the best deal for you!

No matter it’s for a small car or very small rooms where you have little to no space-shallow mount subwoofers are blessings. When it comes to the design, they are compact and flat. Another amazing fact is they are lightweight.

If you are thinking that they might be too small to afford you the perfect bass, shallow mount subwoofer owners will tell you “hold my beer!” They are stunning in terms of bass; we bet this!

Features of Shallow Mount Subwoofers

We have told you what a shallow mount subwoofer is. And now, we will discuss the basic features of the subs. These will help you decide if you want to buy them or skip and switch to regular subs.

Power Requirement

You already know that shallow mount subs are small in size. And by that, you can simply understand that these will require less power than the regular subs. In terms of the output, they have lower power output and so, they do not consume a lot of power from the amplifier.


Though shallow mount subwoofers are almost close to the regular ones, some specifics are different from the regular subs. Yes, in the case of the frequency range, the regular subs will afford you a wider range than this. These usually have a simple design and this is why they have limited frequency range,

Shallow Mount

Bass Output

As the design of the shallow mount subs is made compact, this affects their bass output. If you are in search of an earthshaking bass, you should probably skip these. But if you are using these in a tight space, chances are, the bass will be enough for you!

Mounting Box

The shallow mount subwoofers require enclosure so that you get a better bass response. The box in this case will be small in size and compact. Also, these are flat and lightweight.

Installation Requirement

Shallow mount subs are a good deal for a small room or small spaces like your car. These won’t afford you too much sound if you use them in open places or outdoor. These are usually installed underneath your car seat or in the back dash.

You can use them in the kitchen or bathroom too. The shallow mount subs are small and uncomplicated to install. These don’t take a lot of time to install. On the other hand, you don’t need a lot of equipment for the installation.

Swapping shallow mount subs for regular subs

Wrap Up

Yes, shallow mount subs are an incredible choice for tight spaces. They don’t only afford you the ability to solve the space issues but they are also portable and good in terms of sound. However, if you have used regular subwoofers and you expect everything here, you won’t get it! But these are definitely worth your while!

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