Shallow Mount Subwoofer 12 Vs. Shallow Mount Subwoofer 10

On a tedious drive, the only thing that can save you is good music. This isn’t only in the car; the same thing goes for your home too! And for tight spaces, shallow mount subwoofers are bliss. But there are several sizes of shallow mount subwoofers.

From 8-inch to 10-inch to 12-inch and in some cases 15-inch! Which one is the best? We will talk about the standard sizes- shallow mount subwoofer 12 vs. shallow mount subwoofer 10 to clear it out!

Different Between Shallow Mount Subwoofers 12 vs. 10

No, the size of the subwoofers is not the only difference between them! There are reasons why one of them is better than the other! Here, we will discuss the key differences that will tell you which one to buy!

Shallow Mount Subwoofers 12 vs. 10

Shallow Mount Subwoofer 10-Inch

Well, the shallow mount subwoofers of 10-inch are similar to the 8-inch ones but there are differences! Let’s talk about the 10-inch shallow mount subs first.

Power and Loudness

Here, the music will surely be loud. With the 10-inch subs, you will need a box or enclosure for the installation. And be sure that the bass will hit your ears hard! For the hip-hops, these are not that good if you compare them to the 12-inch. When you are dealing with the 12-inch, of course, it has more power.


The 10-inch subwoofers are great for helping you tattle the trunk. But some people might not like it! In that case, you have to keep the bass down and not turn it up, simple! Whenever you are in search of tight and punchy bass, you should go for this. It will afford you the required crisp you need! To enjoy the kick drum, this one’s a genius. This is one of the most common favorites of everyone!

Space and Expense

If you have seen a 10-inch one, you will understand that this one is compact. This is considered the best smaller subwoofer when it comes to the job of a sub. With this, you get more power than the 8-inch sub. On the other hand, these will take smaller space than the other ones! For the classic cars, you can rely on this. These usually require a smaller amplifier than the 12-inch one. And so, these are less expensive than those.

Shallow Mount Subwoofer 12-Inch

Shallow Mount Subwoofer 12-Inch

As we have already talked about the 10-inch, you might be confused if buying a 12-inch is necessary or not! Let’s check out if it’s worth it or not.

Power and Loudness

As these handle more power, you have to go for a bigger amplifier. Well, 12-inch subs will afford you everything that you can get with the 10-inch shallow subs model- no doubt. But there are differences! When you need more power than 10-inch subs, you will come to the 12-in settings.

From power to the ability to play louder, 12-inch is in short the “more” you are searching. Whenever someone wants to go for a boomier sub, we recommend the 12-inch one. Some of the users have recommended this one because they think it sounds better than the previous one. For the hip hop music-lovers, this is going to be bliss.

Size and Space

When you are planning to settle for the largest shallow mount subwoofers, the best deal is the 12-inch subs. You might be thinking if there are larger subwoofers than this one or not. Yes, there are 15-inch subwoofers too! But you won’t get the 15-inch one in every brand. Most of the brands have the 12-inch as the largest one in their list.


In short, you are getting something bigger when you have these! But when you want something bigger and better, what you have to do is pay a little extra! That’s something you cannot disagree with, my friend!

Swapping shallow mount subs for regular subs


Now you know that both of these shallow mount subwoofers have something that you cannot resist yourself buying them! Well, yes, we agree with you too, both of them are amazing. But if you have the budget, space, and required power, you should always go for the 12-inch shallow mount subwoofers. Because why won’t you have the best?

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