How to Full Screen Discord Stream – For Windows, Mac & Smartphone

Discord is a widely renowned communication platform, especially among gamers. Users can do many functionalities, from streaming to chatting with friends in Discord.

Moreover, you can share your screen with others, letting your friends enjoy videos. When at it, you may need to stream full screen for many reasons. So, how to full-screen discord stream? The good news is you can enable full screen with a few clicks.

Continue reading to find out how.

Full Screen Discord Stream

Why Do You Need to Use Discord Full Screen?

When using Discord full screen, you will get many benefits. That way, notifications will catch your attention easily.

Here are a few benefits of Discord full screen.


  • Increases visibility when communicating with other discord users
  • It gives your monitor a larger look
  • Maximizes performance when playing video games
  • Minimizes distraction

Does full-screen Discord have any drawbacks? Yes, here they are.


  • Makes multitasking difficult
  • Automatically reduces your program’s window when a notification appears

Does Discord Support Full Screen?

The short answer is YES.

Indeed, Discord is an excellent streaming platform. It lets you share the screen in a voice channel. This way, members can see what they are streaming.

You can effortlessly enable the full-screen mode in Discord when enjoying a movie. This way, the Discord display will be hidden, and you can focus on the streaming.

You can enjoy Discord full-screen mode when using this platform on a computer, mobile, or website. The full-screen mode can be turned on whenever you need it, according to your preference. Also, you can turn off the mode whenever required.

How to Full Screen Discord Stream?

Full-screen discord stream is a damn simple process. In fact, you are a few clicks or press away from doing so.

For PC,

  • Hit and hold, Ctrl + Shift + F together

For Mac,

  • Press and hold, Command + Shift + F at the same time

Are you using a web browser to stream Discord on your PC? Then follow the below point.

For Windows,

  • Hit F11

For Mac,

  • Press and hold Control + Command + F

The above methods will let you activate Discord in full screen. Here is the answer if you are wondering how to full-screen discord stream.

  • You will notice that full-screen mode is enabled automatically when using Discord on a smartphone for streaming. However, the condition is, you have to stream Discord holding the smartphone horizontally.

How to Exit Full-Screen Discord Stream?

So, you want to exit the full-screen Discord stream. This is also not a difficult task. You can do it the same way you enabled full screen.

For PC,

  • Hit and hold, Ctrl + Shift + F together

For Mac,

  • Press and hold, Command + Shift + F at the same time

Do you want to exit full-screen Discord when using the platform through a web browser? Here are the points to be followed.

For Windows,

  • Hit F11

For Mac,

  • Press and hold Control + Command + F

Once you hit these shortcuts, the Discord screen will revert to its original size and position.

Additional Tips for Full-Screen Discord Stream

Get some additional tips you take your streaming experience on Discord to a new level by following the below points.

  • If you need to switch between applications when streaming Discord, press Alt + Tab together.
  • Don’t want to use both of your hands to exit full-screen discord? No worries! Here is the alternative: press the ESC key.
  • Your video game performance on Discord may reduce based on what software is opened at the same time.
  • In order to avoid lag, it is important to turn the unnecessary apps off. This will help you enhance the video gaming experience.
  • Keep the notification volume up when full-screen discord stream/


Is it possible to share the screen on Discord mobile?

The simple answer is YES. After opening Discord, you will have to join a voice channel. Then share your screen conveniently on iOS or Android.

How can I avoid the Discord full-screen bug?

Discord full-screen bug is temporary. To get rid of it, close your discord first. Then restart your device. Next, restart the application. This way, the discord full-screen bug will be removed.

Final Words

I hope now you know how to full-screen discord stream. Discord’s full screen makes concentration on the streaming easier. When working and using Discord simultaneously, people usually face a lot of trouble. Full-screen discord helps sort out those complications effortlessly.

Try the above methods yourself and have more fun!

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