How to Get Rid of Text Box Outline in Word

Text boxes are really a remarkable feature since they enable you to incorporate text in multiple typefaces, styles, colors, and positions anywhere within your page in any direction. As a result, more individuals utilize text boxes in their daily Word projects to create unique headers or highlight certain content. Word will automatically generate a border around the new text box when you include it into a Microsoft Word file.

Creators adore borders, however for the purpose of your paper, one may not be necessary. By deleting the outline from your text box, the text within will appear to be an “aspect” of your page rather than a text box insertion. The purpose of this article is to explain how to get rid of Text Box outline from Word.

Process of Eliminating Text Box Outline in Word

It’s a pretty effortless procedure that requires very little time to accomplish! All you have to do now is follow the steps provided below.

  • To begin, launch Word.
  • Then pick the text box from which you want to erase the outline.
  • Next, proceed to the Shape Format pane.
  • Shape Outline should be picked next. 
  • After that, select No Outline.

You may erase the outline from your text box right away by choosing no outline. However, unless your text boxes are in a line and you can focus and select them all at once, there is no process to erase more than a single outline at a time.

Choose the Weight, Sketched, or Dashes options from the submenu to further personalize the text box edges. The design and depth of the text box outline will be altered as a result of this. If you do not notice the shade you desire for the outline, you may pick More Outline Colors from the Shape Outlines tab.

You may also modify the shade of the filling inside your text box in Word. The text box backdrop is white by usual, but you may change it to nearly about any tone you choose. To do this, navigate to Shape Format, after which Shape Fill, and finally choose the preferred backdrop colour.

You may have to alter the text colour if you modify the backdrop colour. This may be accomplished by choosing the text within the text box and utilizing the Font formatting choices on the Home panel afterwards.

Deleting a Text Box from a Word File

As long as your Microsoft Word file is not protected, you may erase any form of text box, which includes all kinds of quotations and navigation bars, from any page. Undoing the edits allows you to restore deleted text fields. To undo, merely hit Ctrl-Z on your keyboard. Nevertheless, if you save and modify the document before closing Word, recovery may be difficult. The instructions below will show you how to remove a text box from a Word document.

Step-1: Launch the document and Locate text box

Identify the text boxes in the document using Word. Some text boxes are automatically highlighted, whereas others include distinct graphic features that distinguish them from the remainder of the content.

Step-2: Secure the contents of the text box

If you wish to retain the text, click within the text box, choose everything with Ctrl-A, and afterwards copy the contents to the clipboard with Ctrl-C. After deleting the text box, use Ctrl-V to paste the information somewhere else.

Step-3: Select the Box

To remove a text box, select inside it to see its border and select the outline to pick the whole box.

Step-4: Delete the box

To remove the chosen text boxes, tap on Delete. Enter Ctrl-Z to reverse the modifications if you realize you still require them.

Deleting Text Box without Removing text in Word

Let’s assume you’re working on a manuscript and want to get rid of all the text boxes without changing the content. If you simply have a few text fields to erase, this won’t be an issue.

The most straightforward approach to change the style of a document is to copy/paste. You’ve undoubtedly done a lot of copying and pasting of text and images. Removing text from the text box uses the same approach.

Step-1: Launch a document in Word.

Let us commence by opening a Microsoft Word file. If you presently have a document open, you may just utilize that one. If you’re particularly concerned about unintentionally deleting sections of your work, just hit Ctrl + N on your keyboard to establish a fresh document. If you choose to use an empty file, ensure to incorporate a text box or just copy/paste any of your own.

Step-2: Copy contents of text box.

Double-click on any of the textbox you wish to remove once your manuscript is complete. To copy the text within, choose it and use the Ctrl + C buttons. By right-clicking on your cursor and choosing Copy from the drop-down options, you may easily copy the chosen text.

Step-3: Paste the content and in a different text area.

Drag your mouse where you want it once you’ve copied the content. Next, on your keyboard, hit Ctrl + V to paste the information. You may also right-click on the mouse and choose Paste from the drop-down options. 

Step-4: Remove the text box.

Merely hover on any edge of the text box and hit the Delete button on the keyboard to remove it once you’ve effectively copy-pasted your content.

You’ve got it now! You’ve managed to remove a text box without removing the content within it.

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When you intend to make a document appear professional, editing a Word file and modifying it is exciting. When modifying your contents, though, you may run into specific issues. Not understanding how to correct them appropriately can be disastrous since it may cause your entire document to be ruined. One such issue is the inability to delete a text box’s border. You may simply alter your text box if you know how to get rid of text box outline in Word.

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