How to Add Friends on VRchat

The communicating platform VRchat is highly used by gamers and streamers these days. With the help of a Virtual Reality headset, you can text and communicate with the people present in a virtual room. Furthermore, you can make friends through this platform or even add your friends to hang out together and play games.

Before you start using this communication platform, you must gather knowledge about how to add friends on VRchat. The path may look a bit complex for you in the beginning without the proper guidance. But the discussion we are going to have below will change your mind about this matter.

How to Add Friends on VRchat – All the Methods and Steps to Follow

There are mainly two ways of adding friends on VRchat, and both are way easier to perform. Those are:

  • Adding Friends Using a VR Headset
  • Adding Friends with a Mouse and Keyboard

You can use a VR headset for adding friends as it has built-in buttons and motion controls for easy navigation. But not everyone has their own VR headset to work with for these kinds of situations. You don’t need to worry regarding this reason, as you can still add friends on VRchat simply by using a mouse and keyboard.

Now it’s time for going into the basics and learn the steps about both the methods above:

How to Add Friends Using a VR Headset

Even the simplest of tasks like adding friends on VRchat through a VR Headset may seem challenging without the proper knowledge. That’s why you should go through the steps of this task at least thrice and then perform it when you are ready. So, if you are keen on knowing how to add friends on VRchat PC, the following steps are for you:

Step-1: From your VR headset controller, find the “B” button first, and then gently press it. This action of yours will bring up the “Quick Menu” on the screen. From that menu bar, you will have to point at the “Social” tab and then press a trigger from the controller for the selection of this tab.

Step-2: After entering that tab, you will find a search bar above. From this section, VRchat add friends by username can be done within a small period. Just type the username of your friend; make sure to type the correct name, and then hit the “OK” button.

Step-3: As your search results, there will be a number of players’ names shown on your screen. All the players’ names will be as much close as possible to your searched player name. From those names, select the right person whom you want to add on VRchat. 

Step-4: The next task for you is to point your selection laser at that desired username, and a menu will pop up because of it. From that popped-up menu, take the laser on the “Send Friend Request” option, and hit “OK.”

Then you must wait for the player to see your request and the response he/she makes regarding this. Once that person accepts your friend request, the player will be added to the friend list, and his/her name will be available in the social menu.

Some players can even send you friend requests as well. If this happens, you will have to accept those requests to add them to your VRchat.

How to Add Friends with a Mouse and Keyboard

Not all users come with VR headsets, and unfortunately, everyone can’t afford it as well. But no worries, as you can perform this task using just your keyboard and mouse. Let’s the hurdles you will have to cross to perform this task perfectly:

Step-1: When you are in VRchat, press the “Esc” button from your keyboard. Like the VR headset, this will also open up the “Quick Menu” section on your screen and select “Social” from there.

How to Add Friends with a Mouse

Now, a search bar will be shown in the top-right corner of the VRchat window.

VRchat window

Step-2: Type the username of the desired person there, and select the appropriate user from the shown results afterward. Click on the option expand button from the player’s profile and press the “Send Friend Request” option, and hit “Enter.”  

Send Friend Request

Wait until the player accepts your request, and once he/she does it, that person will be added as your friend on VRchat.

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Final Thoughts

Adding friends on VRchat is for keeping the connection between friends and players. It will help to grow and maintain a community of friends, gamers, and streamers. To use this platform, how to add friends on VRchat is one of the fundamental lessons to learn for beginners.

After adding friends, you can share your thoughts, experience, and streaming with them to reach out to more people. Whether you have a VR headset or not, you can add friends even using your keyboard and mouse. 

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