How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup

Discord is a cross-platform program that allows users to interact in real-time through text, video, or voice. However, one annoyance with PCs would be that the Discord program starts up immediately as soon as you turn on your computer. It’s best to prevent Discord from starting up on bootup because it slows down Windows and slows down your computer. Therefore, in order to support you in addressing this trouble, we’ll explain to you how to stop Discord from opening on startup.

About Discord

Discord is a social chat application that enables you to connect with friends and acquaintances. It will enable you to exchange direct messages to your pals, as well as video calls, voice calls, and screen sharing. On Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux, Discord is available for free download. Discord also works straight from a web browser, so it doesn’t need to be installed.

Discord was initially designed for the gaming community, but it is now widely utilized as a medium for various sorts of groups. Servers are Discord networks where users talk about and communicate on a particular topic. Members, topics, regulations, and channels are all unique to each server. Discord may appear to be comparable to the Slack chat software at first glance. But, notably for gamers, it has a bit further to offer in regard to functionality.

Process of Preventing Discord from Opening on Startup

Discord auto startup may be disabled through the Discord software or by employing the Windows Task Manager to prevent it from starting up.  To keep Discord from automatically launching, follow any of the described procedures. These procedures can be used on a Windows PC.

Method-1: In Discord, disable auto-start

If you’re looking for a way to prevent Discord from launching on startup, consider this technique. You may simply stop Discord’s self-launch function with a couple of keystrokes using this means. 

Step-1: To launch the application, press the Discord icon on your computer.

Step-2: From Discord’s lower-left corner, choose the User Settings symbol.

Step-3: Select Windows Settings from the left sidebar in the next window. Next, in the System Startup Behavior segment, turn off the choice Open Discord.

Step-4: To quit Discord, press ESC in the upper corner.

This should typically fix the issue with Discord opening up on startup. If it doesn’t work, you can attempt the next technique.

Method-2: In Task Manager, disable the automatic launch of Discord

You may configure the items in Task Manager, which gives you accessibility to the collection of programs that are programmed to execute upon startup. With this tool, how can you prevent the Discord form from opening on startup? A series of instructions ensues in the next section.

Step-1: To open Task Manager, hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard. Task Manager may also be launched if you right-click on the taskbar and choose it.

Step-2: Under Task Manager, navigate to the Startup tab.

Step-3: Slide to the bottom and choose the Discord application. Next, to prevent it from launching on startup, select Disable.


Step-4: Shut down Task Manager.

After it is finished, Discord will not launch promptly the next occasion you boot up your PC.

Method-3: Turn off Discord Startup from Windows Settings

You may also attempt this simple technique to avoid Discord from starting up when your Windows boots up. The tasks mentioned here will allow you to achieve this.

Step-1: Choose Settings from the Start Menu.

Step-2: Then, from the Settings Page, choose Apps.


Step-3: Afterwards, from the left menu, select Startup.


Step-4: You’ll discover Discord if you scroll below. Discord may be turned off by moving the slider next to it.

This will restrict Discord from starting up instantaneously when you turn on your computer.

Method-4: Applying the Discord App Interface

Formerly, Discord had an application interface that could be evaluated through the Task Bar. Since the functionality was deleted in the most recent upgrades, this technique may or may not apply to your computer. Execute the instructions below to deactivate auto-startup using through the Application Interface. Before applying this method, make absolutely sure Discord is operating on your computer.

Step-1: On your taskbar, press the Arrow Symbol.

Step-2: In the array of symbols, you’ll see a little Discord symbol. Expand the selections by right-clicking on it.

Step-3: You will observe a choice titled “Run Discord when my computer starts”. By default, it will be marked.


Step-4: Uncheck the choice, and the procedure will be concluded.

Stop Auto Startup of Discord on Mac OS

If you’re a Mac user, perform the procedures below to avoid Discord from starting up.

Step-1: From the menu, choose System Preferences. Pick System Preferences from the Apple icon in the upper left side of your display.

Pick System Preferences

Step-2: Select Users & Groups from the array of choices on the window.


Step-3: Hit Login Items after selecting the current user. On the left part of the screen, the user account you’re accessing should emerge. After you’ve chosen it, proceed to the Login Items page.

current user

Step-4: Discord may be disabled by clicking the Discord button. Beneath Login Items, Discord should be included in the list of programs. To deactivate it, left-click it and then press the minus sign at the base of the page. And it is finished!

How To Stop Discord From Opening On Startup

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Automatically Launch Discord in the background after Startup

You may activate this from your Discord software if you wish Discord to launch on startup, although not on the display, i.e., run in the background. This is the appropriate choice for you if you are using Discord on a regular basis, but it is not the initial action you wish to undertake when you startup.

This approach launches Discord as soon as the machine boots up, but it sits in the background and therefore does not disrupt you. Furthermore, as opposed to the procedure when the entire screen shows on the screen, this approach puts far less load on your computer. So, here’s how to make this option available on your device. With the exception of the final step, the majority of the procedures for activating this choice are identical to the initial method.

On your desktop or laptop, launch the Discord software.

Next, at the lower-left corner, tap on the user settings.

Select User Settings from the menu. Choose the Windows settings after scrolling down.

If the open discord choice is deactivated in Windows Settings, activate it.

By pressing on the toggle bar, you may now activate Start Minimized.

 activate Start Minimized

It will enable the Discord program to launch on startup but prevent it from appearing on the display.


When Discord runs during the startup process, many individuals may consider it quite frustrating. You can simply address the situation if you know how to stop Discord from opening on startup. If the automatic start of Discord when you start your pc is too overwhelming for you, you can adopt any of the ways suggested above.

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