How To Connect Sonos Subwoofer

In the world of subwoofers, Sonos has gained fame because of its good-grade sound, power, and bass. However, after buying the Sonos subwoofer, you might face difficulties while connecting and using it.

Though the process is easy, some of us hate to read out the manual. Manual are amazing but here, we can be brief and pointy about how to connect Sonos Subwoofers!

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Step by Step Connecting Sonos Subwoofer

So, here are the steps to help you connect the Sonos subwoofer. Follow the steps and connect the subs! Enjoying music isn’t tough!

Connecting Sonos Subwoofer

Step 1: The Right Placement

First of all, you have to set the subwoofers in the right place and then add power to them. Once you have added power to it, you must ensure that one side of the slot is kept away from any sort of obstruction.

At times, people position it vertically and keep it against the wall. If you do so, make sure the front opening is not blocked. For the horizontal placement on your room’s floor, keep the upper portion free from any obstacles; don’t keep anything on top of your subwoofers

Note: At times, you might want to set up a Sonos Home theatre speaker and sub together! Well, that’s very cool and you can do it easily. For this, your first job is to set up the home theater speaker. Once it is done, with the app, you can easily add the Sub while you are in the setup process.

Step 2: Download Sonos App

If you are planning to add one Sonos sub to your device, first of all, you have to download the Sonos app. You will find the Sonos app for iOS and Android both in App Store or PlayStore.

Step 3: Connecting Wi-Fi

We have talked about how you can connect Sonos sub. But do you know how to connect Sonos subwoofer to Wi-Fi? Let us tell you how! Also, if you ever see Sonos Sub not connecting to Wi-Fi, disconnect the subs from your device and go through this process once again! 

  • After downloading the Sonos app, you have to go for Set up a New Sonos System from the screen. Then, you have to sign into the Sonos account you have. If you don’t have any, create one. Go for Continue to go ahead.
  • Now, from the options, settle for Standard Setup and then press Next. Make sure the Sonos is switched on. And then press Next once again. An indicator light will be visible and after seeing it, press Continue.

Here, the Controller app will search for the speaker. When it finds the subwoofers, it will start the configuring settings. It will take a bit of time and right when it is ready, press Next.

  • Here, you will see options for connecting your smartphone to SONOS, a temporary network. Tap on Wi-Fi and then Tap on Sonos. Once it’s connected, go to the Sonos app and check if the speakers are working or not. 

Step 4: Settings and System

After you have downloaded the Sonos app, added it to the phone, you have to get into the app and search for the Settings option. Once you get the gear icon or the Settings tab, tap on it and then search for the option System. When you find it, get into it.

Step 5: Add the Sub

There will be an option called Products. You have to get into it and then tap the room you desire to add to the Sub too. After this, you have to press Add Sub. And then, you have to go through the prompts so that you can add Sub to the Sonos system!

You can also remove the Sub and add it to a new room! Enjoy music the way you want now! And whenever you see Sonos sub-connected but no sound, don’t forget to take a look at the volume, both of the subwoofers, and your device!

Step 6: Add the Seconds Sub

For adding the second sub, you have to settle for the Sonos app once again. Get into Settings from the App and go for System once again. Once you are in, you have to settle for Products. Go for the home theater room first.

Make sure this one contains a Sub already. When you are in, you can tap on the option called Connect Second Sub. And there you go! All you need is to follow the prompts to add another sub!

Add the Seconds Sub

Wrap Up

The process of connecting Sonos subwoofers is easy, all you need is a bit of practice. However, you don’t need to connect them every day! You can simply add the subwoofers once and they will stay connected for long enough to enjoy the music every morning. Let us know how you connect the Sonos subwoofers!

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