Blue Yeti Headphone Jack Not Working

No matter you have a YouTube channel or you record music, a Blue Yeti Headphone can be an exceptional addition to your collection. It will allow you to listen to what you are saying on the microphone!

However, at times, you can see the Blue Yeti Headphone jack not working. What can be the reason behind it? How can you solve it?

Here are five easy fixes for your headphone jack! You will be amazed at what you are doing wrong! Get your eyes on it!

Blue Yeti Headphone Jack Not Working

Easy Hacks for Blue Yeti Headphone Jack

1. Sound Source on PC

To make sure your Blue Yeti Headphone jack is working properly, go through the microphone and certify that it is properly connected to your PC. In this case, sometimes, you might forget that the Blue yeti setup Windows 10. Yes, the device should be selected as the sound source on your PC. Verify this and check again if it is working or not!

2. Indicator Light

If it doesn’t work, you have to check the indicator light on your Yeti. When you are using the headphone jack, the indicator light on the device must be lit.

Indicator Light

The problems occur if the headphone plug is not fully inserted into the jack. For this, take a look at the underside of your Blue Yeti. If you see that the plug is not properly inserted in the headphone jack, push it a bit so that it gets inserted fully.

3. Volume Knob

Now, the most common mistake the users of Blue Yeti do is they do not check the headphone volume knob. Yes, you have read the details on how to use Blue Yeti with headphones but sometimes, we all forget things!

If you want the headphone jack of your device to work, you have to get your hands on the volume knob. First, turn the headphone volume knob up. You have to go through the tab pointing up to the start to ensure that the volume is high. If it is still not working, chances are, the microphone might be on mute!

Volume Knob

Check if it is mute and unmute it if necessary. You will learn about it by checking the indicator light. If it is mute, the indicator light will flash. Your job is to confirm that the light is not flashing and is completely solid!

4. Microphone as the Output

At times, the settings on the PC might be the reason for your Blue Yeti headphone jack not working. To check it, go through the PC’s onscreen menus. Here, the Yeti should be selected as your output. Have a look at the onscreen menus and select the microphone as your output to ensure the jack works properly.

5. Loose USB Port

Now, if you have got your solution, congrats! But in rare cases, your Blue Yeti Headphone might still be in the same condition. And if all of the above-mentioned methods didn’t work for you, you can ask-“why is my Blue Yeti not recognized!”

Unfortunately, the USB port might be damaged or loose. Here is a technique of changing the USB port and adding a new one. Only proceed if you are experienced in this!

Loose USB Port
  • First of all, you have to check the sides of your Blue Yeti headphone and then go through the tightening screws. All you need to do is pull these screws off. In this case, your hands are enough to pull them off.

There might be other necessary screws added there, you have to take them off too. Use screwdrivers of the right size for the other screws and nuts. Once you pull off the screws, the microphone will come off. You have to take it off the stand for the next steps.

  • As you have removed the screws and nuts, make sure you are securing them while you are working with the USB. The screws are small and you can anytime lose them. So, it is better to get a bowl or a box and place all the nuts and bolts there.

In this way, it will be easy for you to attach them once again when you are done with the microphone and the USB jack.

  • Now, you have to check the bottom part of the microphone. There, you will see three different screws added to keep it attached. You have to take them off. For removing them, you will need screwdrivers that fit the size of the screws.

With the driver, remove three of them carefully. When you have taken off the screws, you have to hold the control button with your finger and pull them out. Certify that you are soft with your hands while taking it off.

There will be two or more control buttons. Remove them as we have mentioned. The mute button can be very small and so, you won’t be able to pull it off with your hands. Get something to hold it and take it off.

  • After this, the case of the microphone will come off automatically. Now, you can see the USB port easily. Now, you have to deal with this one. Look carefully, you will see four points added to the board near the USB port. You will also see five wires from the plug. First, you have to take off the solder. Get your hands on a solder wick for this one. Remove four of them slowly.
  • The wires you will see now are very small. Here, you will see the plug coming off. Now, it is time for you to add a new USB plug. After taking it off, you have to get the four solder and five wires attach there just like before.
  • Now, it is time for you to get the casing of the microphone and add it to it was. Get your hands on the nuts and screws along with the control button. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver. Push the control button and set them in their right position.

Get the tightening screws that you removed earlier. You are done with adding a new USB port! Now, your USB port will start working for sure!

Wrap Up

So, it is never late to fix your old Blue Yeti Headphone jack and make it work again! The tricks we have mentioned are the basic ones and most of the Blue Yeti headphone jack, not working issues will get solved by these!

However, if any of these don’t work, take your device to the experts. It is always better not to damage the appliance while experimenting!

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