Acer Aspire Touchpad Not Working Windows 10

Facing issues with the Acer aspire touchpad is no less than a nightmare for the users. Many Acer users worldwide faced it, and in most cases, the touchpad stopped responding appropriately. But the worst scenario appears for the user when the Acer aspire touchpad not working Windows 10 at all.

If you even don’t have any spare mouses at that time, your Acer laptop will just become nothing but idle. Though it is a frustrating issue for any Acer user, there are fixing methods available. 

The Reasons Why the Acer Aspire Touchpad May Stop Working on Windows 10

Applying the fixing methods is a must to solve the touchpad not responding issue of the Acer aspire. But before that, finding out the reasons which causing this unbearable issue is also quite crucial. The primary reasons that can be responsible are:

  • If the touchpad is somehow switched off, it won’t work for sure until you switch it on
  • When the functionality of the touchpad fails to load correctly during startup and gets affected, it may stop responding
  • Errors and issues in the BIOS may also be responsible for the stopping of the Acer aspire touchpad
  • The outdated or incompatible driver is another reason for making the Acer Aspire touchpad stop suddenly

The Fixing Methods to Apply When Acer Aspire Touchpad Not Working Windows 10

Once you have found out the error that is preventing the touchpad from responding, it is time to solve it. To fix this Acer aspire touchpad not working issue, there are various methods you can try. None of the methods are complex, and you can easily apply them to get rid of the touchpad issue. 

Now it is time to take a close and detailed look at those fixing methods:

Acer Aspire Touchpad

Fix-1: Restart the Acer Laptop

The basic solving method for any issue starts from the simplest, and this one is no different. Here, the first fixing method to try is restarting your Acer laptop after finding the touchpad is not responding. You need to press and hold on to the power button to turn off the laptop instantly and wait for about 25-30 minutes.

After waiting, use the same power button to turn the power on of your Acer laptop. Hopefully, the touchpad will start working if there isn’t any significant issue.

Fix-2: Re-Enable the Touchpad

Keeping the touchpad disabled is the culprit for the maximum cases when it is not responding or working. The touchpad of your Acer aspire may also remain disabled accidentally. But once you re-enable the touchpad correctly, you can use it without any problem.

To re-enable the touchpad, you first need to locate the “Fn” key from the keyboard. Then find out the “Function Key,” which will be most likely either the F6 key or the F7 key. After locating all, press the Fn and F6 or F7 buttons simultaneously and hold them for a bit. 

Function Key

It will solve the Acer aspire 3-touchpad not working issue and the other laptops’ touchpads from the aspire series.

Fix-3: Re-Install the Touchpad Driver

Re-installing the touchpad driver can also vanquish the not-responding issue within a short period. Firstly, open the “Run” dialogue box by pressing the “Windows + R” button or you can do it manually from the search bar by typing “Run.” As the dialogue box appears, you will have to write “devmgmt.msc” in the given space.


After entering that part, there will be a section full of devices that are connected to the laptop. Locate the “Touchpad Driver” from there, select it, and right-click on the mouse to bring the “Uninstall” button. Then tick on the confirmation box and click on that button to confirm uninstalling the driver.

Once you uninstall it, you need to turn off your Acer laptop, wait for about 30 minutes, and then turn the laptop on. After turning on, Windows will automatically restore the deleted driver itself without demanding any hassle or effort from you.

Thus, Acer aspires 3 touchpad driver windows 10 will be re-installed, and the touchpad will start working nicely.

Fix-4: Repair Your Laptop

When the touchpad of your computer is damaged in a complex way, you can’t fix it on your own. At that moment, you need to call someone to check and repair the touchpad of your Acer Aspire. First, check if the warranty provided by Acer is still available or not. 

If yes, take your laptop to Acer’s customer care, hand it over to them by saying the problem, and they will repair it. But when the warranty is not on, you need to find a trusted laptop repairing store and repair the touchpad from there.

How To Fix Touchpad On Windows 10

Final Thoughts

When the touchpad stops responding, operating the laptop becomes way challenging and complex. The problem will even increase when there are no spare mouses with you. Many Acer aspires users throughout the world have faced this irritating issue. 

But there are some easy solutions to this complex Acer aspire touchpad not working windows 10 problem. The requirement from your side is to be an expert on those fixing methods by learning them appropriately and then applying those.

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