Access is Denied Command Prompt

When you are trying to do anything important on your computer, it is disappointing to see access getting denied. Even when running the command prompt, the access can get denied out of nowhere. If you are facing this issue, you’re not the only one out in there having a severe clash with it. 

The “Access is Denied Command Prompt” message pops when you try to run anything using the command prompt. Other things like software bugs, computer errors, file corruption may be responsible for it. But, not to get worried even a bit, as you will find the exact solution regard to this problem right below. 

Access is Denied Command Prompt

The Reasons Behind Causing Access is Denied Command Prompt

When using the command prompt for any task and the access gets denied, it means you don’t have permission to access that specific file. The possible reasons that cause this error to occur are: 

  • When the source file is encrypted, and you don’t have the permission to access that 
  • Corruption in the respective folder and file can occur this access denial issue in the command prompt 
  • If the user profile gets corrupted, it can also be responsible for command prompt access getting denied 
  • When the user doesn’t have the Administrator privileges, the command prompt access will get denied 

The Problems That Will Pop-Up When Access is Denied Command Prompt

When you get denied while accessing the command prompt, some other problems will start to appear. Those problems will interrupt you from doing your works on the computer. The issues you might face because of this access denial issue in the command prompt are: 

  • You won’t be able to open and access any folder or file when command prompt access gets denied 
  • It will even bring error in changing or deleting file or folder as you won’t have access to the destination folder 
  • This denial in command prompt issue will prevent you from running various software in your computer 
 Access is Denied Command Prompt

How to Fix the Issue of Access is Denied Command Prompt – The Step-by-Step Solution Methods

You might face this access getting denied in the command prompt and get panicked by seeing this. It is not impossible if you are facing this problem for the first time and have no experience solving it. But don’t get worried because of it as there are some easy solutions for solving it in no time. 

The fixing methods you can apply for how to remove access denied in cmd

Fix-1: Run the Command Prompt as the Administrator 

If the command prompt is not working and denying your access, you should run it as the administrator. The steps of doing it are: 

Step-1: When the command prompt access is denied, the first thing you should do is, don’t get panicked. Then, as the command prompt access is getting denied, you need to close the window first.  

Step-2: After closing it, you will have to go to the search bar or simply press the “Windows” button from the keyboard. By doing so, you will be directed to the search bar automatically and type “cmd” in there.  

Step-3: At the top of that list, you will see the “Command Prompt” App, and besides that, there will be some options. Locate the “Run as administrator” option, which will most likely be situated in the options list’s second position. Click on it to run the command prompt as the administrator and open the window. 


Then write the correct command there, and hopefully, there won’t be any denial in the command prompt access this time. 

Fix-2: Check the Administrative List 

When your username is not on the administrator list, it may cause the command prompt access to get denied. That’s why you will have to check the administrator list first. At first, you will have to run the command prompt as the administrator, like the way discussed in the previous fixing method. 

Then, when the command window appears, you will see “C:\Windows\system32>” or “C:\Windows\system64>.” Whichever of these two you see, besides it, you will have to write net local group administrators. After writing that, you will see the list of administrators below that line you entered a while ago. 

If you find your username with which you are using in your computer, running the command prompt as administrator will do the job. But, when your username won’t be available there, you are not in the administrator list. In that case, you will have to set yourself as an administrator with an admin account.  

Check the Administrative

Then you will be able to run the command prompt successfully without facing any denial issue ever again. 

Fix-3: Enabling the Hidden Administrator Account 

This issue of access denial in the command prompt may occur because of having insufficient privileges. If you enable the hidden administrator account, it might solve this access getting denied issue. The steps to follow if you want to know how to bypass access denied in cmd are: 

Step-1: The first thing you will have to do is pressing “Windows + X” from your keyboard. As a result, various options related to the computer will appear on your screen in a small window.  

Step-2: From the list, locate and right-click on the “Command Prompt (Admin)” option, and the command window will appear. On that newly appeared blank window, you need to type the “net user administrator /active: yes” command and then run it. This action will unlock the administrator account, and you need to log out of your current account immediately. 

As you have run the command and logged in with the administrator account, the command prompt denial issue won’t bother you anymore.  

Final Thoughts

Getting the access denied in the command prompt is an issue that almost everyone faced once in a while. Though it isn’t a complex problem, the new computer users can get panicked by facing it. But panicking will make it even hard for you to solve.  

So, stay calm and find out the reason which can be responsible behind Access is Denied Command Prompt. Then go through the fixing methods above over and over again to achieve the proper knowledge about those. Once you’ve understood, apply those fixing methods to solve the issue. 

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