Sound Coming Through Speakers and Headphones Windows 10

When suddenly audio starts to play both in your speaker and headphone at the same time, it becomes annoying. If this situation occurs in the presence of other people, it can also become a matter of shame for you. Many users have faced this problem which is really disappointing as it suddenly starts out of nowhere.

But there are fixing solutions when you are facing sound coming through speakers and headphones Windows 10 issue. By following those easy fixing methods, you can easily get rid of this frustrating problem. 

Sound Coming Through Speakers and Headphones Windows 10

The Solution Methods to Apply When Sound Coming Through Speakers and Headphones Windows 10

It’s one of the most frustrating issues to face when headphones plugged in but sound coming from speakers dell or any other computer. But applying the fixing methods will help you solve this traumatic situation. The solutions to apply are:

Solve-1: Restart Your Computer

Suppose you are on an important meeting and suddenly realized that sound is coming through both speaker and headphone. To solve it, you can try to restart your desktop or laptop, whichever device you are using. With the help of a reboot, the RAM of your device will become clear. 

At the same time, your system will get a clean slate and fresh start with no sound issues at all. 

Solve-2: Check for the Loose Connection

There may be a loose connection between your device and the headset or headphone you are using. It will cause the sound to release from the speaker of your computer. That’s why you need to disconnect the audio jack from the computer. 

Then again, you will have to put the audio jack of the headphone or headset to the computer. If it doesn’t solve the sound issue, you should apply the following method of fixing it.

Solve-3: Set the Headphone as the Default Audio Device

The sound coming from both speaker and headphone may happen when your headphone is not the default audio device. If that’s causing the problem, setting the headphone as the default audio device will solve the problem within no time. 

At first, you need to right-click on the “Volume Control” icon from the upper-right or below-right part of your computer screen. It will bring up some options right above the icon. Find out the “Sound” option and double click on it to access its settings from those options.

Set the Headphone

From the “Sound” section, go to the “Playback” tab to enter it. There, you will see through how many paths the audio is releasing. As the sound comes through both speaker and headphones, you will see the light blue marks beside these two options. 

Click on the option “Headphone” and make sure a green tick mark has appeared attached to the headphone icon. Then press the “OK” button to apply the changes you have made to set the headphone as the default audio device. Hopefully, the sound won’t come out through both headphones and speakers.

Solve-4: Running the Audio Troubleshooter

The troubleshooting system is a built-in feature in the Windows system to fix the respective problem. As there is a troubleshooter for every section, you can use the audio troubleshooter to prevent sound coming from headphones and speakers at a time. 

To run the audio troubleshooter, at first, you need to go to the search bar, and type “audio troubleshooter” there. Then all the best matching results related to your search will appear in sequence. From the result list, click on the top-most option, “Find and fix problems with playing sound.”

Running the Audio Troubleshooter

By clicking on that, the audio troubleshooting tab will appear on the screen. On the below part of that recently opened tab, you will find “Next.” Click on it to start scanning, which will take some time, and when done, all the sound issues will be solved.

help prevent computer problems

Solve-5: Running a System File Check

When sound releases from both the speaker and headphones, you can try running a system file check. Open the “Run” tab first by pressing the “Windows Key + R” or searching it from the search bar. On that search bar, type “cmd.” After typing that, you will have to hit the Enter, Shift and Ctrl keys together.

Running System File Check

This action of yours will kick off the running of Command Prompt as an administrator. As a result, a system window will appear where you need to type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth and hit the “Enter” button.

After completing that, type sfc/scannow at the command prompt and hit “Enter” to start the scanning process. When the scanning task is done, you will see instructions on the screen to fix your issue and follow them to solve the problem.

Hopefully, any of those solution methods above will do your task to fix the sound issue you are facing. But sometimes, people also want to play different audio through headphones and speakers for various reasons. That’s also possible by following some basic steps perfectly.

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Final Thoughts

It can give you a headache when you hear sound coming through speakers and headphones Windows 10. When you are in a meeting, in a class, or doing something important, this sound issue will bother you a lot. But not many reasons to worry as there are methods to follow for fixing this annoying problem.  You will have to apply those solutions above one after another carefully. If the reason for the problem is simple, restarting and connection correcting will solve the problem. When not, you will have to apply the latter three solving methods, which will obviously do the job.

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