How To Split a Word Document in Half Horizontally

Dividing your Word document in half horizontally or vertically is a terrific technique to make it more manageable and presentable. A common default in Microsoft Word’s text formats is a single column. To make it easier to read, you may divide it into parts or break it up in any other way that suits your requirements. Here, we’ll discuss various methods on how to split a word document in half horizontally.

Methods to Split a Word Document in Half Horizontally

Split a Word Document

You may divide your paper in half by implementing the procedures outlined below.

Split Page in Landscape

To make the necessary changes, launch the Word document you’re working on. After that, click the Layout button. Locate the dialogue launcher in the Page Setup subgroup of the Page Layout tab (the little directional arrow on the lower right).

Select “2 pages per sheet” from the dropdown menu next to “Multiple pages” on the Margins section of Page Setup. Following then, the sheet will be divided in half horizontally to create two pages.

Use Horizontal Lines to Create Divisions in your Document

By just adding some horizontal lines in your Word file, you may make it both more readable and more aesthetically beautiful. Several different visually appealing options for horizontal lines are available in Word. Adding a horizontal line to your document is as simple as following these steps:

  • Place the cursor where you’d want the line to appear on the page.
  • Simply choose Format | Borders, and Shading.
  • Choose the Horizontal Line option under the Borders menu.
  • To choose a certain string, just scroll down and click on it.
  • When you’re done, hit the OK button.

You may also draw horizontal lines of your own design. Here’s what you need to do to add a personalized line:

  • To edit the borders and shading of your document, choose Format after which Borders and Shading.
  • Select the Line Horizontal menu item.
  • Select the Import tab.
  • Select the Add button and then locate the file containing the line you wish to add to the Horizontal Line Collection.
  • Add the new line to the active document by clicking the OK button.

Use Table to Split Page Horizontally

To include a table into your text, choose the option from the Insert menu. You may now insert two rows by clicking the drop-down menu after those rows have been placed. You may go to the very bottom of the document by putting your cursor on the bottom line and dragging it.

Click your table and go on over to the Design tab. To split the table in half along the middle of the page, just locate the distribute rows option and select it. Type directly on the boxes or place a blank text box on top of them to get started. You may get rid of the table’s borders by picking “no borders” from the list of available border styles. When that happens, you may split the document in two and utilize each half independently.

How to Remove Split Pages in Word

In Microsoft Word, a page break serves as an undetectable page divider. It’s much easier to transition from one page to the other with this formatting indicator in place. The printer will also utilize the page break to determine when one page ends and the next begins when you send the document to be printed.

In a nutshell, page breaks enable you to organize your information and ensure that it appears on the correct pages. Word supports many sorts of document breaks, including two distinct page break types.

Word will insert a page break for you whenever you change pages. You may break the text and proceed to the following page by manually inserting a page break at any point. Automatic page breaks can’t be disabled; however, their placement may be changed. Because you’re the one manually inserting the page breaks, you get to decide where they go.

  • Launch the Word doc.
  • To see all of the document’s hidden markings, such as page splits, gaps, and non-breaking spaces, choose Home and then click the Show/Hide button.
  • Pick a page break with a double-click and remove it with a single keystroke.
page break
  • To remove the rest of the in-document formatting, just press the Show/Hide button once again.
  • A third option is to move the pointer to the edge of the page where the page break indicator is located and press Delete rather than double-clicking.

How to split a page in Half 


Adding page breaks to your Word document is an easy way to make it more attractive. Use Microsoft Word’s many formatting and editing capabilities to create the perfect document for your purposes. Hopefully, this post on how to split a Word document in half horizontally was valuable to you!

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