How to Reset Bose Soundbar 300 Without Remote

The Bose soundbars have been there for 50 years and dominate the sector with top-notch audio output quality. The Bose Soundbar 300 is one of the top performers of this brand, with incredible longevity. Sometimes, this soundbar may require a bit of help to improve overall function and performance. 

For that reason, resetting the device becomes essential, and there are several ways of doing so. You can perform it either with a remote or without the remote. So, if you are somehow unable to find the remote, learning how to reset Bose soundbar 300 without remote is the only path left in front of you.

Why Do You Need to Reset Bose Soundbar 300 without Remote? – The Probable Reasons

Why Do You Need to Reset Bose Soundbar 300 without Remote?

The Bose soundbars are probably the best-performing ones in this very sector. Among those top-quality products, Bose 300 has also made its place in the market and among consumers as well. But the soundbars are not above the faults and defects, and the 300 is also not different.

Various issues might appear to your Bose 300 soundbar out of nowhere. Those problems mostly appear when you use the product for a longer period, but issues can occur in the early days of the soundbar as well. To solve these unwanted issues, the specialists in this sector suggest resetting your device.

There are various scenarios when you need to reset your Bose 300. But you might face situations when resetting won’t work, and hardware problem is one of those. When the issue is software-related, you can try resetting the device with a remote. But sometimes, the remote may be unavailable, and you still need to reset the soundbar.

So, let’s see the probable reasons which might force you to reset your Bose 300 soundbar without a remote:

  • When the Bose 300 Soundbar stops working after you update it, you need to reset the device
  • If you are listening to something in the soundbar, and suddenly it stops responding to your given command
  • You need to reset the device when you feel that it is taking more time to execute the command consistently
  • To fix persistent bugs and get rid of unwanted and dangerous malware, you can reset your Bose Soundbar 300
  • Whenever you feel that your soundbar requires a fresh start, just get on with the restarting process

How to Reset Bose Soundbar 300 without Remote – The Process to Act in Accordance With

Bose Soundbar 300

Reset is about more than just getting a fresh start on your audio output device. It is also about getting rid of unwanted bugs and malware on your device if there are any. As we know, resetting tasks can be done through remotes, but in the worst cases, the remote may be unavailable for numerous reasons.

So, here, we will be talking about the soundbar resetting process that doesn’t require the remote. There are two ways to reset your Bose soundbar 300 without using the remote, and those are:

  1. The Factory Reset
  2. The Soft Reset

Both these resetting processes are capable of providing your Bose soundbar with a fresh and fast start. Let’s know more about these processes with a detailed discussion on how you can perform both these tasks based on your requirement:

Factory Reset

Factory reset is the process of getting your device back pretty much to the original state how it was when new. However, if you perform a factory reset to your Bose soundbar 300, all the settings you changed, and the data stored in it will get erased. 

That’s the reason why it is also called a hard reset, and it is also irreversible once you’ve already started performing it. So, only go for this factory reset or hard reset once you are 100 percent sure about doing it. Now, the steps you need to go through to perform this factory reset or hard reset are as follows:

Step-1: Turn the Power on By Pressing the Power Button

Whether you hard reset your Bose soundbar with the remote or without it, you need to turn on the device first. It might be turned off at the time when you have decided to perform the hard reset into it. So, you will have to turn it on in the first step and make sure you have done the job correctly.

To perform the job, firstly, ensure the power cord is connected correctly and then press the power button of the device. When the device is on, you are all set to perform the next steps to complete the hard resetting or factory resetting task.

Step-2: Make Sure the Soundbar is Connected to the Bose Music App

As the remote is not available in this case, we are going to use the Bose music app for the factory resetting task. To do so, you will have to ensure the device is properly connected to the App. If it is connected properly, then there is no hassle, and you can proceed to the next phase of the task.

But when the Bose 300 soundbar is not connected to the app, you must connect it by following the proper procedure.

Step-3: Perform Factory Reset or Hard Reset

In case you are wondering, factory reset is about erasing all the older data of the particular device. So, this task is all about removing the Bose soundbar from the Bose account through the Bose Music app. As we are at the business end of this process, open the Bose Music app on your mobile phone.

When you are in the dashboard of the app, there will be a human face-like icon in the upper right corner. It is known as the “My Account” icon, and you need to click on it to enter the section where you will find all the information of your account. In this section, locate and click on the option named “Manage Product.”

This sub-section is about managing the Bose devices that are connected to your account of Bose Music app. Here, you will find the device/devices you have connected to this app. As your Bose soundbar 300 is connected to it, the name of the device will be shown on the product list.

After entering that portion, there will be a button called “Edit” on the upper-right corner of the newly appeared page. At this moment, you need to click on the “Edit” button, and a blank circle will appear at the left of the product name. Now, select the Bose 300 Soundbar by tapping on the name of the product.

For confirmation of whether the product is selected, make sure that the empty circle has turned red. Then click on the “Delete” button from the upper-left corner, which will appear just after you select the product name. 

By doing so, you will erase the trace of your device from the Bose Music app, and the factory reset without a remote will be fulfilled. Because of this reset, your Bose soundbar will get a fresh start and it will even respond faster to your commands.

Soft Reset

A soft reset is quite the opposite of the previous factory reset in every aspect. The positive thing about this resetting method is that no data will be erased from the device. You can try applying this reset when the soundbar is facing lag or stuttering issues, but not in that much significant way.

Compared to the hard reset or factory reset, the soft reset is much simpler and easier to execute. Now, the steps by following which you can correctly perform this resetting task are:

Step-1: Turn Off the Soundbar and Detach the Power Cable

Unlike the previous method of resetting, this time, you need to turn off the Bose Soundbar 300. To turn the audio output device off, you need to press and hold the power button of the soundbar for a few seconds. Once you are sure the device is off, go for the cable that connected it to the power outlet.

Detach the cable carefully and ensure the cable is detached from both the power outlet and the soundbar. 

Step-2: Unplug All the Attached Cables

After the power cable, here comes the phase where you need to unplug the other cables as well. There can be various cables connected to the Bose Soundbar 300 for serving different purposes. It can be connected to both the HDMI and optical cables based on how the user modified it.

Along with that, the soundbar can also be connected to USB cables. So, you need to unplug all these cables one after another. You have to be very careful while detaching those cables without damaging either the cables or the soundbar.

Step-3: Wait for a Few Minutes and Plugin All the cables

After you are done detaching all the cables, you need to leave the device like that for a bit. Wait for 10-15 minutes, and then start plugging the cables back into their respective ports. You need to reverse the sequence of plugging in compared to how you detached those earlier.

First, connect the HDMI, the optical cable, and the USB cables to their ports, whichever you have detached. When these are done, go for the power cord, and plug the Bose Soundbar 300 back into the power outlet. After putting the cord into the power outlet, don’t forget to turn on the power switch.

Step-4: Turn the Device on to Complete Soft Reset

Once you are done with all the reconnection of cables, you are up for the last touch to the resetting of your Bose Soundbar 300. Press the power button of the soundbar to turn the device on, and thus, the soft reset will be completed. The soft reset is nothing but a fresh restart for your Bose sound system.

This is the most effortless resetting procedure for this Bose music system, where no remote will be required. It will provide the audio output device with a fresh start, along with removing the lags and stuttering to make the device even faster.


Can I control my Bose soundbar without a remote?

It is very much possible to control your Bose soundbar without a remote if you feel so. There is a feature called Auto-wake in the Bose soundbars which will let you turn on your product without a remote control. Along with that, some soundbars can be controlled via Bose music app on your mobile devices.

You can use either of these two features to control your Bose soundbar without using a remote. 

How do I put my Bose soundbar 300 in setup mode?

Firstly, you will have to turn on your device, and you will require a remote control for the job. On the remote control of your Bose soundbar, there will be a Mute button and a dedicated Bose Music button. You need to locate these buttons first, and after locating them, simultaneously press and hold both these buttons.

Most likely, the light bar on the soundbar will start producing an amber glow after five to seven seconds. Until that happens, you need to hold onto both these buttons. As the amber glow appears, you have put your Bose soundbar 300 in setup mode.

Final Words

Even though the Bose Soundbar 300 is well known for its longevity, this device might face various issues. To escape from those issues and for a fresh start, resetting the devices is a fruitful idea. However, if the remote is unavailable, how to reset Bose Soundbar 300 without a remote is a commonly asked question by consumers.

You can either factory reset your Bose Soundbar 300 or soft reset it, based on your device condition. The factory reset will erase all the data and previous settings, and that’s why it is also known as the hard reset. No matter which reset you apply, make sure of the reason why you are doing so.

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