Bose Soundbar not Working with Samsung TV

Almost all the Bose soundbar users connect their soundbar to the TV. Their TV can be from various brands, and a lot of those users pair their soundbar with a Samsung TV. Both these products are top-notch in their respective sectors, but accidentally, some errors might appear when you pair them.

The most asked question by these consumers is why their Bose soundbar not working with Samsung TV. When you purchase these two amazing products, and somehow you are not getting the desired result, that’s quite pathetic. But not to worry at all, as there are problems, there are effective solutions as well.

Bose Soundbar not Working with Samsung TV

The Possible Reasons for Which the Bose Soundbar Might Stop Working with Samsung TV

The Bose soundbars are amazing performers in the audio output device sector. On the other hand, Samsung TVs are also the best performers of their kind. The combination of these two amazing audio and video output devices is quite wholesome. But it is really harsh and unwanted when you find that the soundbar is not working properly with the TV.

It is unfortunate to miss the incredible output of video and audio from these two outstanding devices. In this regard, the problem can be either with the TV or with the soundbar. In the worst-case scenario, the error can be with the TV and the soundbar at the same time.

Now, the possible reasons why you might collide with this unwanted situation are:

  • The outdated Operating System of the Bose Soundbar you are using at that moment can be responsible for the cause
  • Loose connection or improper connection of wires and cables may also cause interference in the operation of Bose Soundbar and Samsung TV
  • Sometimes, the connecting ports might be loose, or the power outlet might also be loose, and these can be responsible for the issue as well
  • If you are unable to set the TV to the right audio source, the Bose soundbar and the Samsung TV won’t operate together
  • Similar to the point above, when the soundbar is not connected to the right source, these two won’t work together either
  • Because of some Bluetooth glitches, the operation of the soundbar and TV might get affected and even detach the connection

These are the possible reasons why you might face the scenario when the Bose soundbar is no longer working with your Samsung TV.

How to Solve Bose Soundbar not Working with Samsung TV?

Before we start solving the issue, finding out the exact reason why the issue has appeared is highly significant. As there are problems, there are effective solutions as well, which you can apply to solve the issue. Once you are well aware of the reasons behind this issue, applying solutions according to those becomes easier.

Now, there are several methods of fixing the issue, and you can use any of those based on the necessity of your situation. The fixing methods are as follows:

Bose Soundbar

Fix – 1: Resetting the Samsung TV

The first fixing method is about resetting your Samsung TV, which includes the following steps:

Step-1: Enter General Settings Section

First, you will have to locate the “Home” button of your Samsung TV remote and click on it. In the next phase, you need to open “Settings” by using the remote control. There will be various settings options in this section. From those different option names, you will have to locate “General Settings.”

After locating the option, you need to click on it to enter that particular sub-section of your Samsung TV settings.

Step-2: Find the Reset Option and Enter the PIN to Reset

In this General Settings sub-section, look for the “Reset” option, which will be somewhere in there. As soon as you find it, you need to click on it, which will bring up a small blank box for putting the PIN. After entering the PIN, you need to wait for a bit, and your Samsung TV will get restarted or reset. 

Once you are done resetting the TV, try connecting it to your Bose soundbar, and hopefully, you will be able to pair them up.

Fix – 2: Resetting the Bose Soundbar

When the Bose soundbar and TV are not working together, another fixing method you can apply is resetting your Bose soundbar. There are two resetting methods, and those are hard reset or factory reset and soft reset. In this matter, you need to perform a factory reset by using the remote and here is the process of how you do it:

Step-1: Grab the Remote and Press and Hold the Necessary Buttons

As you are performing the task by using the remote, you need to grab it first. Locate the “Play” and “Low Volume” buttons from the remote, which will be simple to do. After locating the buttons, you need to press and hold these together for about 20 seconds or so.

Step-2: Ensure the Resetting Process

You need to keep holding the buttons until that period is over. Once that little waiting period is over, you will see the flashing lights appear. Those lights are the signal that you have performed a factory reset to your Bose soundbar by using a remote. Because of your hard resetting, all the data and information will be erased from your soundbar.

As a result, no older settings will be available, and your Bose soundbar will get back to its default settings. So, you will be able to start fresh by pairing the Bose soundbar again with your Samsung TV. Hopefully, there won’t be any interruption this time around, and those two will sync properly.

Fix – 3: Updating Your Bose Soundbar

A scenario might appear where the issue has appeared just because your Bose soundbar is not updated. To fix the issue, you need to update the soundbar as soon as possible, and here’s how you can execute the task:

Step-1: Locate and Press the Music Button of Your Bose Soundbar

In your Bose soundbar, there will be a dedicated Music button which you need to locate before doing anything else in this phase. Once you locate the button, you need to press it and hold the button for a small period. The button-holding period should last about 15 seconds, and after that, an automatic update will start.

Step-2: Download and Installation the New Firmware Version

As you have started the updating process, you will find the dedicated Music button is producing white light. It indicates that the updating process is still underway. In this process, the Bose soundbar will download the new firmware version if there is any available. 

When that new firmware version is downloaded completely, your Bose soundbar will automatically install it.

Try pairing the Bose soundbar and your Samsung TV again when the entire updating process is done. 

Fix – 4: Inspect Wires/Cables

The main purpose is to establish a proper connection between the Bose soundbar and your Samsung TV. To establish the connection, the only available way is to use cables or wires. You can use various cables for the connection establishment procedure, and mostly optical cables are used for this task.

But sometimes, the cable can be faulty or damaged, interrupting the connection between the soundbar and the TV. Even in some cases, the physical damage might not be seen from the outside as the damage has been done internally. Establishing a connection won’t be possible if any of these two incidents occur.

So, you need to check the cable connection first, and if it is faulty or damaged, you need to use new optical cables for the job. In some scenarios, the issue can be with the speed of the cable. At that time, instead of the optical cables, you can go for the high-speed HDMI cables, which can solve the issue instantly.

Another silly thing that can cause the interruption is the loose wire connection. So, whenever you are facing this connection interference, check the cable and wire connection to avoid this silly error.

Fix – 5: Check the Ports

Sometimes, the smallest of unconsciousness can cause a massive interruption in any process. Similarly, there can be faults in the ports where you have connected the wires and cables. The ports can be a bit loose or damaged, which will prevent establishing the connection between the soundbar and the TV.

First, check whether the power outlets or ports have a power supply from the source or not. Then inspect the soundbar and TV one after another. In the first process, check the ports of the soundbar and make sure those are correctly positioned and there is no chance for the port to be loose.

Then comes the part for the Samsung TV, and there will be several ports in it as well. You need to check all those ports one by one, which you are going to need to establish the connection.

If all the ports are alright, you need to try pairing the soundbar and TV again, and hopefully, this time, everything will be executed flawlessly.

Fix – 6: Turn On/Off the Bluetooth

The interruption in connection between the Bose soundbar and your Samsung TV might occur because of some Bluetooth glitches. Because when the soundbar and TV are not connected through the cords, Bluetooth is the go-to option, in fact, the latest one. 

As these two devices are connected via Bluetooth, you need to check the Bluetooth connection. The first thing you need to do in this regard is to disable Bluetooth for both the soundbar and the TV. Wait for a bit and enable Bluetooth for those two devices once again. 

Then reconnect those devices via Bluetooth one more time, and hopefully, the Bose soundbar will start working with your Samsung TV. Another thing you can do is to unpair and re-pair the soundbar with your TV, and this simplest task might solve your issue instantly.


Why won’t my soundbar work with my Samsung TV?

There can be various reasons why your soundbar might not work with your Samsung TV. When the soundbar software is not updated properly or because of Bluetooth glitches, an interruption in operation might appear. It can also happen because of not choosing the proper audio and video source for both the TV and the soundbar.

Along with that, faulty cable and wire connections and loose ports of the soundbar and TV can also be declared guilty.

Do all soundbars work with Samsung TVs?

No, not all soundbars will work with Samsung TVs because of the difference in manufacturing. As long as the soundbar you buy has the right kind of HDMI input that matches your TV, you are good to go. Once there is no match in the HDMI input ports, that soundbar will do no good for your Samsung TV.

So, whenever you go to buy a soundbar, you definitely should buy a soundbar that has a similar HDMI input as your Samsung TV.

How do I get my Bose soundbar to work with my Samsung TV?

There will be connection interruption between your Bose soundbar and Samsung TV only when there is an error. To fix the issue, you need to start with the simplest one, which is enabling and disabling the Bluetooth connection to eliminate the glitch. The next fixing method you should apply is to inspect the wires, cables, and ports.

Then, at last, you need to reset these two devices as the last available method to fix the unwanted issue that appeared.

Final Words

It is unfortunate when two of the best quality devices Bose soundbar and Samsung TV stopped working together. This phenomenon might appear out of nowhere because of various reasons starting from the simplest one to the most complex one. But not to worry, as there are fixing methods available when your Bose soundbar not working with Samsung TV.

Before you start fixing the error, you need to find the reason that is responsible for it. Once you get to know that reason, you can just pick the appropriate method and execute it by following the correct path.

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