How to Delete Backup Files in Windows 10

Windows have passed a long way from Windows 1 to Windows 10 which is the latest Windows Operating System running. Things have been developed and made better for us. We pack our computers every day with numerous documents, music, movies, images, and other necessary files. But do you know that Windows 10 usually back up all these files?

If the Windows backup files, then you should understand that it is stored inside any drive of the computer. And if thousands of backup files are stored on the computer, the total space of the computer will be decreased. On the other hand, if the backup drive has no space, it will not be able to store new backups.

So, what should you do now? The best option is to know how to delete backup files in Windows 10. And here, we will talk about several methods of deleting the backup files in Windows 10 easily! Let’s get into it!

Windows Backup Store

If you want to manage windows backup disk space, you should know the basic details regarding where your Windows keep the backup files. If you do not understand where it stores backup files, it will be tough for you to decide what to delete.

In most cases, people usually ask where the Windows backup files usually are stored. The backed-up files of Windows are usually stored on the external hard drive or the USB drive. So, to know how to delete backup files in Windows 10, you have to know how to delete backup files from the external hard drive.

The space for storing the backup files usually depends on the operating system of your windows. For Windows 10, you must know about the specific place where it stores backup data. On Windows 10, the backup folder is inside the C drive. Link: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\version\Backup

Methods of How to Delete Backup Files in Windows 10

Delete Backup Files in Windows 10

Method 1: Built-in Tool for Deleting Image Backup Files

Built-in Tool for Deleting Image Backup Files

If you are a Windows user, you are a Windows user, you might have heard about the snap-in utility which is called Backup and Restore. These usually help you in creating the backup files automatically on the hard drive. Along with the hard drive, these also create backup files on the Windows Operating System. However, it works when you keep the schedule settings on.

When the backup drive of your Windows 10 will be full, you will need to delete the backup files to create space for the new backup files. In this case, you can follow this method.

Step 1: Update & Security

First of all, go to the desktop and then click the START button. You will find SETTINGS there. You have to click it and go for the option UPDATE & SECURITY.

Step 2: Backup and Restore

Here, you have to search for the BACKUP page. After you get the BACKUP page, you will find a link named GO TO BACKUP AND RESTORE. You have to click that.

Step 3: Manage Space

Once you reach here, you will get several options. From the different options, you have to find the MANAGE SPCAE option. All you have to do is select it.


Step 4: Period vs. Image Deleting

After selecting it, you will see a new window named MANAGE WINDOWS BACKUP DISK SPACE there. After you see this window popped up on your PC, you will see two different options there to choose from. These options are provided so that you are capable of freeing up the disk space on the backup disk of Windows 10.

Manage windows backup

Deleting According to Period

Here, when you go to the Data File Backup, you will see that there is an option named View Backups button. If you click this one, you will get an option that will ask you for a specific period for deleting the Windows backup files.

If you delete all the previous backup files from Windows 10, it can easily free the space on the backup location of your computer. This PERIOD denotes a specific date or time. Al the backup files on your Windows 10 before the period you mentioned will get deleted if you go for this option.

All you have to do is choose the perfect period and then all you need is to wait for the files to get deleted. After selecting the period, select the DELETE button. It will remove the backup file manually to serve you more disk space!

Manage windows backup disk space

Automatic Backup Files

Here, you will also be able to select the CHANGE SETTINGS button. This is another way of saving disk space. In this process, you will be able to increase the disk space with the help of changing how your Windows 10 can retain the older system images. In this method, you will provide Windows 10 the automatic power of deleting the old backup up files by itself!

After getting into this, you will be able to see two different options for deleting the Windows image backup files.

windows manage
  1. Windows will manage the space that is used for backup history. The maximum amount of space will be mentioned in this case.
  2. Keeping the newest system image, backups will be deleted minimizing the space used for backup images.

In the case of the first option, Windows will do its work on its own. This is a default option. Here, Windows can easily save system images. However, as this process, if automatic, Windows 10 will not deal with space that is more than 30%.

So, while providing the autocracy to Windows to do an automatic backup image deleting process, you have to keep in mind these facts. Whenever the backup image reaches 30%, Windows will take the responsibility of deleting the older system images and freeing the space automatically.

On the other hand, you might not want to provide your Windows with complete power. In that case, you might want to keep the latest system image that is available. If you want to conserve disk space and you want to keep the recent system image, you can do that too! The second option is just the right deal for this case.

All you have to do is select the right option so that you can delete the unnecessary backup files in your Windows 10 and have enough disk space!

Method 2: Deleting App Backup Files

Deleting App Backup Files

Some people don’t know how to delete app backup files Windows 10. In this case, we are going to discuss this method shortly so that they can easily delete the app backup files and enjoy increasing their disk space.

You should know that this method is also known as old file history backup deleting. Windows 10 will allow you to back up all the pictures, downloads, and documents along with the music and other data. As the data in your Windows will increase day by day, the backup folder will get packed up.

In this case, you will need to clean up the old backup files or the app backup files. On the other hand, if the backup drive gets full, you will not be able to continue the File History Backup. So, this is very important to delete the old backup files from your computer.

Step 1: Control Panel

First of all, you have to go to the Control Panel of your Windows. Now, in the Control Panel, you will get so many options. Select the System & Security option from the lost. After that, you have to click the History File icon.

Control Panel

Step 2: Select Clean Up Versions

Now that you are already in the History File Icon, you have to move forward to the left side. There, you will find an option named ADVANCED. Now, you will get a section called VERSIONS. There, you will see CLEAN UP VERSIONS. Select this option.

advance setting

Step 3: Clean Up

After selecting the CLEANUP VERSIONS, you have to select the period. Windows will delete according to the period of the versions here. Select the perfect time according to you and press CLEAN UP!



Q: What are backup files in Windows 10?

A: Backup files are copies of important data and system files that Windows creates automatically to protect against data loss or system failure.

Q: How do I delete backup files in Windows 10?

A: Here are the steps to delete backup files in Windows 10:

1. Open the Control Panel by typing “Control Panel” in the search bar and clicking on the corresponding result.
2. Click on “System and Security” and then “Backup and Restore (Windows 7).”
3. Click on “Manage space” in the “Backup” section.
4. Select the backup you want to delete and click “Delete.”

Q: Can I delete all backup files at once?

A: Yes, you can delete all backup files at once by clicking on “Delete all backups of this user” in the “Manage space” section.

Q: Will deleting backup files affect my computer’s performance?

A: Deleting backup files will not affect your computer’s performance. However, if you delete the wrong files, it could potentially cause data loss or system failure. Always double-check before deleting any files.

Wrap Up

When it comes to jamming the whole computer will a lot of movies and images and documents, we forget about the backups. We all should know that Windows is backing up every data we are putting inside the computer. And in this case, to keep the computer running properly and to keep space for the fore coming data, you have to manage disk space.

The best way for this is to know how to delete backup files in Windows 10 so that you can clean them up whenever you want. If you do this routinely, you will never need to worry about the backup drive space at all! Let us know how you delete the backup files on your computer in the comment box!

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