How To Bypass Windows 11 Product Key?

Windows 11 is getting popular among the new generation as it provides advanced facilities to its users. And it has the start menu at the center of the desktop.

YES! You can download Windows 11 without the product key by downloading the ISO file, using the Windows 10 product key, and by applying activation of Windows 11 by using CMD. These are top-notch tricks that are not harmful, as Microsoft has already released these Codes on their websites.

However, Microsoft has declared that specific PCs and laptops can utilize this with limited specs, such as 64-bit or TPM chipsets. And If you have 64GB storage and 4GB RAM, you can enjoy the latest OS of windows 11.

Therefore, here we mentioned the best three tips to install Windows 11 without a product key. Keep reading to follow the steps accordingly.

How to Bypass Windows 11 Product Key?

Bypass Windows 11 Product Key?

You can bypass the Windows 11 product key and use it on your device effortlessly. It’s completely safe and sound to use a non-activated Windows 11 version for the short term.

However, if you want to use it for professional use, then it’s better not to bypass the windows 11 key version.

As it can expose you to long-term problems in your computer system. For professional use, you must install authentic Windows 11 for better use. Yet, here we have mentioned the best ways to bypass the windows 11 key without hassle.

Use Windows 10 product key

Users of Windows 10 can do this trick to bypass the product key of Windows 10 to Windows 11. You can upgrade to Windows 10 via the update system that can help you exchange it into Windows 11.

And you must keep a record of all the files and programs without activating windows 11 individually.

Mostly, after installing the windows, you can activate them without activating them. However, if windows 11 doesn’t get activated, you must manually activate the operating system using the code of Windows 11. These steps can help you activate Windows 11 on your device.

Step 1

Select the settings app and scroll around the system to find a message through the right section that says ‘Windows isn’t activated’ you must press the ‘Activate Now’ button to continue this process.

Step 2

You must change the product key to windows 10 to 11 by selecting the ‘Change Product Key’ section. And after that ‘Click’ on the Change option.

Step 3

There will be a new window popping on your screen. You need to enter your previous product key code to activate windows 11. After entering the code, you must hit the “Next” option on the right side of the screen.

If this trick doesn’t help you or you don’t have the product of windows 10. Then you must proceed to other practices.

Activate Windows 11 CMD

Activate Windows 11 CMD

Windows 11 can be activated by using KMS in CMD, known as the command prompt. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about endangerment as Microsoft’s website offers legal KMS keys.

Step 1

You must launch the command prompt by pressing the Windows and R keys together to open the Run box. After that, you need to Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open the administrator Command prompt in Windows 11.

Step 2

You must install the license key by typing the command slmgr/ipk kmsclientkey and hitting the enter key accordingly. The code indicated that the KMS client is activating the windows key that is matched to their system. But you must download the appropriate Windows edition; you might find it online.

Furthermore, if you want to install the windows 11 pro, then you need to enter in CMD this ‘slmgr /ipk W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX’. After submitting this code, you’ll get a message of, “product key successfully installed.”

Step 3

To install Windows 11, you must set the KMS server by utilizing the command slmgr/skms yourserver. There are ample servers available such as, and

Step 4

This is the last step of this procedure and the easiest one. You need to type slmgr/ato or you can copy and paste and press enter key. So that it can run the code and activate Windows 11.

Creating Activator text for Windows 11

This is the last trick you can try to install windows 11. And this is utilized to operate batch files. But it’s easy and simple if you follow the steps accordingly.

Step 1

You must turn off the antivirus protection on your Windows security device. Go to the start button and type ‘Windows Security App.’ Select the ‘virus and threat’ protection settings to turn off the anti-virus through Windows Security. You must switch off the real-time protection option.

Step 2

You need to click on the right side of the mouse, which will show the options to create a brand new text document.

Step 3

Now, navigate through the given link And copy and paste the text into note pad of your device as you need this text for downloading windows 11 without the product key. Moreover, you can use third-party windows 11 such as KMSPico and Digital License Activator.

Step 4

Return to the home page and open the notepad where you paste the text. At the left top, there is an option for Files insert this option and click the Save As option.

A small new page will open where you enter this document named Windows11activtor.bat.

However, you can’t change the name of this document due to technical issues. Then save this on the desktop appropriately.

Step 5

Now, you must click on the right side of the new file. And it will pop the option of Run as an administrator of your device system.

Step 6

It will take a few minutes to activate Windows 11 successfully; however, if you have slow internet, then it can take long enough to download the Windows.

Windows 11 is Activated

If you need clarification about whether or not windows 11 is downloaded to your device successfully. You can follow these steps that can clear the clouds accordingly.

Step 1

You need to go to the settings of your computer, then go to the system, and it will show you ample options. But you’ll click on activation and check the activation state. 

Step 2

You must run the command keys if you don’t find anything there. Press the Windows and R keys that will lead you to another page where you type slmgr/xpr, and then click on the ‘OK’ option to activate windows 11.

This PC can’t run Windows 11 (Bypass TPM and Secure Boot)

Bottom Line

There won’t be any issue with how to Bypass Windows 11 Product Key. You can choose according to your device which is suitable and easily installed without the product key. Or you can choose the second method, as it can be applied on any computer or laptop.

However, there are some drawbacks that you might encounter by installing a not properly licensed version of windows 11. Such as, you won’t get a customization option, the appearance of a watermark, or a frustrating notification appearing on your desktop.

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