How to Converting 4-wire Speaker to 2-wire Speaker

The four-wire speakers are relatively new compared to the two-wire speakers. But, in case you may have a two-wire speaker from several years ago. And unfortunately, the monitor or computer you have supports only the four-wire speakers. So, in the normal state, these devices are not compatible.

But if you can somehow convert the 4-wire speaker to a 2-wire speaker, then the devices can get together. Though this is a rare case in this technologically advanced era, some solutions might help you. Considering your situation, you just have to stick to the right path of the most suitable solution.

The Steps to Follow for Converting a 4-wire Speaker to a 2-wire Speaker

Converting 4-wire Speaker to 2-wire Speaker

The two-wire speakers are usually the older version of speakers, which are compatible with those from that time. But the monitors from this era will hardly match the two-wire speakers. So instead, those monitors and computers match the 4-wire speakers through 16 gauge 4-conductor speaker wire or so. 

But still, there are paths available for you to pair your 2-wire speaker with the 4-wire speaker-supported devices. So, without any further delay, let’s get on with the methods for converting a 4-wire speaker cable to a 2-wire speaker cable:

1. By Using an Adapter

Using an adapter with any electrical device is not a permanent solution under any circumstance. It is rather a temporary solution that you can try out when the permanent solution is a bit time-taking. As you have a 4-wire speaker cable, you will require an adapter that has the input port compatible with the 4-wire jack.

At the same time, the adapter must have an output port that is similar to the 2-wire jack. Then you will have to plug in the four-wire cable’s input section with your monitor and the output part into the input port of the adapter. Then the output port of the adapter should be connected to the speaker. 

But you won’t get the expected output from the speaker by using an adapter as the audio signal quality will be degraded. Another reason to worry about you in this matter is to find the right adapter. Because the 4-wire to 2-wire speaker adapters are pretty rare in both online and offline marketplaces.

Using an Adapter

2. By Using the Banana Cable Input Jacks

The current method is relatively permanent, whereas the previous solution was temporary. In a four-wire speaker cable, there will be four different wires from four different colors. These four colors are white, black, red, and green wires sealed within a single cable.

At first, you will require a wire stripper to cut the sealed cable and bring out the copper from inside. Next, match the AWG number of the cable with the number given in the stranded side notch of the wire stripper. Next, unseal the main cable and bring out the four different wires of four different colors.

Then with the help of the wire stripper, you will have to bring out the inside copper from every single wire. After doing so, you need to make a pair of copper from the red and green wire. Then, in the same way, make another pair from the inside coppers of the black and white wires. 

Now, you will have two different pairs made from four various wires. Next, connect these two pairs of wires with the banana cable input jacks you have arranged. You should arrange a red jack and a blackjack which will help you to avoid errors while establishing the connection. 

Unscrew the red jack from twisting in the middle, and the jacks will be divided into two different parts. Then, through the hole in the lower part of the jack, insert the red and green wire pair. As the wires reach the upper section of this part, twist the wires backward to avoid a loose connection.

Then just twist back the upper part of the banana jack into the lower part of the jack to make them whole again. Follow the same way to put the black and white wires into the black banana input jack. 

Thus, you will be able to convert your four-wire speaker cable into a two-wire speaker cable with the help of the banana cable input jacks. Then just plug those two jacks into the speaker you have to establish a connection between your speaker and monitor. 

The discussion above is also the answer to how to connect a 16/4 speaker wire to a 2-wire speaker.

Final Thoughts

There is no straightforward way to connect a 4-wire speaker-supported device with a 2-wire speaker. Either you will have to use an adapter or banana cable input jacks to convert a 4-wire speaker to a 2-wire speaker.

Though the first solution is temporary, the following one is permanent. With the temporary solution with an adapter, the sound quality will be degraded slightly. You will have a better experience with the permanent solution if you can apply it perfectly.

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