How To Lock An Image In Word

Many people know that you can lock an image in Word, which allows you to make a text-based image. However, there are many different types of images that you might want to use in a document.

For example, if you want to use a photo of a face, that’s not an easy thing to do. Although, you can lock an image in Word 2010 simply by adding a little more information to the file than usual. It’s very simple but takes just a little bit of time.

This article will help you about how to lock an image in Word. When you’re done, you’ll have a face that looks very realistic indeed!

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The best way to lock an image in Word

  • Open document
  • Go to insert
  • Click on picture
  • Click on this device
  • Select your picture
  • Insert your picture
  • Customize it the way you want
  • Right-click on your mouse
  • Select wrap text
  • Select tight
  • Move picture where you want
  • Right click on your mouse again
  • Select wrap text
  • Select fix position on page
  • Your picture is locked

Note: If you want to use a photo of a face, or you’ve got other images on your computer, I recommend that you copy the picture into Photoshop first. This is because it will allow you to decide if your picture fits the face shape that’s already there. Then, when you put it in Word, it’ll look more natural than just pasting it in from the file system that it was taken from.

With your picture in Photoshop, open it up and edit the way that you want it to look. As if you want a girl to have blonde hair, change the color. Do your best to make it realistic!

When you’re done, save it back onto the computer and then open up the document in Word.

How To Lock An Image In Word So It Doesn’t Move

When you have something that you want to have locked in Word, while still allowing you to edit it, it helps if it stays still because otherwise, the words can move around. That’s great if you’re using a journal and want the words to stay inside of their section as long as possible.

But if you’re just putting together a document for personal use or for schoolwork, then it’s very annoying because the words keep getting out of position. There is a quick fix though. Just lock the picture in word and you’ll never have to worry about formatting issues again.

  1. Click on the picture box at the beginning of your document to add an image.
  2. Search for a picture online or on your computer.
  3. Click on the one you like when you find it and then navigate over to Insert.
  4. Choose Picture from the File menu.
  5. Now, just insert the image into your word document by clicking OK.

You’ve just locked an image in Word!

After you’ve added a picture, you can still make changes to it. Just add text to the image and then give the picture a different background color.

If you need to make a picture stay on top of your text, then click on Image vs Block at the bottom of your screen. Do this and you’ll have placed your graphic right in front of your words.

How To Lock The Background Image In Word

Locking an image in Word takes some practice to get right. You have to make sure that you’ve got the correct height and width of the image so it will fit. But won’t be distorted.

One other thing that you need to be aware of is what kind of background you want. Do you want something like a grass field, or do you prefer bricks?

It’s very easy to lock a background image in word using a built-in tool and creating your own custom backgrounds is just as easy.

  1. Open your document.
  2. Double click on the header section
  3. Insert your picture
  4. Format the picture according to your desired size
  5. Right-click on the mouse
  6. Select wrap text
  7. Select in front of the text
  8. Customize the size if you want
  9. Place the picture where you want it
  10. Double click on the blank area
  11. Now your picture is locked


The power of a perfect picture cannot be overstated. That’s why it’s important to lock an image within the document where you are writing when you want to refer to it in the text. Embedding an image into the document can make it difficult or impossible for some people (like those with disabilities) who may not have access to a screen-reader and need more help navigating your document.

Now that you know how to lock an image in Word, making fantastic-looking documents is quite simple! Choose your favorite faces, and start putting them into Word now.

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