Windows 10 Update Stuck on Restarting – 5 Fixing Methods

Windows 10 is a kind of system that is meant to obtain regular updates with minimal effort, generally by making them automated and requiring limited input from consumers. The updates usually take a few minutes to complete before your machine reboots, and they just need your computer to be turned on.

Many consumers have lately reported that their Windows 10 upgrade keeps resuming, and some have yet to resolve the issue. Sadly, this unavoidable modern annoyance occurs when you least expect it. It’s crucial not to worry or act irrationally since there’s still a solution. This article will provide an insight into the Windows 10 Update Stuck on Restarting issue.

Methods of Fixing Window 10 Stuck on Restarting

Since Windows 10 has increased in prominence, many individuals are updating their operating systems to Windows 10. However, several consumers have reported their dissatisfaction with the Windows 10 upgrade, which has been stalled on resuming for an extended period of time. If you’ve run into the exact problem like the above individuals, you could check out the following solutions.

However, prior to trying the preceding techniques to repair Windows won’t reboot after an update, I would recommend doing a hard shutdown and thereafter restarting the computer to verify, since some people reported that it worked well after they switched it off using the power switch and back on once again. I also suggested that you unplug all external equipment except the mouse and keyboard before attempting to install the upgrades and double-check your work.

Fix-1: Use Task Manager to End Failed Applications

Suspended applications in Task Manager often can create difficulty with Windows 10 updates and restarts not working. To stop an application from freezing in Task Manager, use the succeeding ways.

Step-1: Hold down CTRL, ALT, and DELETE at the same time. The restart display will then vanish, and Task Manager will display. It will show you which applications are still open and haven’t closed.

Step-2: Terminate all running apps’ operations, and your system will reboot from the Restarting display.

You could verify whether the Windows 10 update frozen on rebooting issue has been resolved by dismissing the current processes.

Fix-2: Launch the Troubleshooter for System Maintenance

A remedy might be to perform System Maintenance. If your system has lost or damaged system elements or unnecessary items, the Windows 10 upgrade may become stalled on resuming.

To verify the state of system activity, apply the precise instructions to execute System Maintenance Troubleshooter. The System Maintenance troubleshooter will assist you in cleaning up obsolete files and performing upkeep chores to improve System efficiency. In this scenario, you can try running the System Maintenance troubleshooter to determine if it helps.

Step-1: On the keyboard, hold the Windows logo button, type Troubleshooting, and then choose the appropriate fit.

Step-2: On the window’s left part menu, choose View all.

Step-3: Within the list of choices, choose System Maintenance, hit the Advanced tab, and tick the Apply repairs automatically selection.

Step-4: Apply the on-screen directions and wait for the diagnostics to be completed.

Once the troubleshooting is complete, you may verify the device’s condition for any lost system items. Exit the window and see whether the problem with Windows not restarting after an upgrade has been resolved.

Fix-3: Launch Startup Repair

You can use the startup repair tool whenever Windows fails to reboot after an upgrade. You may build a Windows 10 setup file by downloading the Windows 10 ISO with a Media Creation program and performing Startup Repair. Consider the subsequent procedures after you have the installation media:

To begin, go into the BIOS and modify the BIOS startup order such that the USB drive or DVD startup process takes precedence over the hard disk.

Step-1: Shut down your system and input your installation media, which might be a DVD or a USB device. Reboot your PC after that.

Step-2: When you are using a USB storage device to boot from, push the relevant function button. You will see “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” if you are using a CD or DVD. Stick to the instructions and get your boot up.

Step-3: Select your preferred language and proceed.

Step-4: In the left bottom portion, select Repair your computer.

Step-5: Select Troubleshoot from the Choose an option display inside the Windows Recovery Environment.

Windows Recovery

Step-6: Pick Startup Repair from the Advanced Options window.

Advanced Options

After the startup repair is complete, reboot your pc to verify whether the Windows 10 update stalled on resuming issue is resolved.

If you see the notice in the image below, it implies that the startup won’t be able to assist you to cure Windows 10 upgrade stalled on rebooting, and you’ll have to try a different approach.

Windows 10 upgrade

Fix-4: Carry out a System Restore

To protect against such issues, Windows will typically establish a restore point right before installing an upgrade, allowing you to reverse it back if there seem to be unexpected issues. If Safe Mode somehow doesn’t operate, you can utilize the System Restore feature through Advanced Startup Options.

Fix-5: Conduct a Fresh Setup of Windows

This is essentially the ‘nuclear alternative,’ yet if everything else fails, you could be compelled to wipe your earlier version of Windows and begin again. However, keep in mind that it will obliterate your whole hard drive, so make absolutely sure you’ve backed up all of your essential files.

How to Fix Windows 10 Stuck on RESTARTING Screen


Windows 10 Update Stuck on Restarting is a highly inconvenient problem that may arise at the most inconvenient moments. That is precisely why you should be aware of all potential solutions to the Windows 10 Update stalled on reboot problem so that you can quickly resolve it and enjoy using the device if it arises. Hopefully, this post will provide you with all of the necessary directions for doing the repairs.

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