Unable to Extract Zip File Windows 10

You must have been familiar with the term “Zip File” if you are a regular computer user. Mainly those are the compressed files, and decompressing is necessary to open them. Compressing the files makes them smaller in size. It keeps the hard disk of your computer less occupied, and you can decompress those files whenever you want.

But recently, some people came up with the problem of being unable to extract zip file Windows 10. It can bring up a panic situation, but you should stay calm and deal carefully to get rid of this panic zone. Apply the suitable method with the necessary steps to get rid of it.

unable to extract zip file Windows 10

The Reasons Why You May Fail to Extract Zip File on Windows 10

After getting a Zip file, you need to extract it first to open. You may have downloaded the zip file from any website or have received it from someone. In both cases, you need to decompress it before opening that compressed and zipped file.

While trying to extract those compressed files, you may fail to extract. The possible reasons behind it are:

  • The Zip file may have remained incomplete while downloading
  • Improper compression of the file can make the file refuse to extract and open
  • Corruption in the zipped file can also cause this problematic situation
  • If the file extension has been changed, you may remain unable to extract the zip file
  • Virus infections in your computer can affect all the files of your computer that can be the reason as well
  • Forgetting the password of the encrypted zip file can also make you fail to extract that file

Unable to Extract Zip File Windows 10 – The Methods to Follow to Solve the Problem

Failing to extract the zip file is pretty much solvable, but you need to remain calm. There are several effective methods that you can follow to solve this problem and those methods are:

unable to extract zip file

Method-1: Restart your Device

Whenever you are facing the problem of the zip file not extracting, restart your computer first. There may have been some minor system glitch that is preventing the zip file from extracting. If the reason behind the problem is luckily little, restarting your PC will solve it within no time.

Method-2: Change the File Name

When the PC restarting method doesn’t work, you can apply another simple method. Go to the file location, change the zip file name, and then try to extract the compressed file again.

Method-3: Move the Zip File to another Folder

The location of the Zip file may be protected from extracting operations. Then you need to change the file location. Create a new folder in a different local disk, and copy the compressed file from its location.

Then go to the new folder you created just a while ago, paste the copied file, and try to extract it. Most probably, you will be able to extract the Zip file this time.

Method-4: Re-Download the Zip File

When you have downloaded the Zip file, there may have been some internet glitches. The download process may interrupt because of unstable internet. It may damage or corrupt the compressed file.

So, download the file again from its source with a stable internet connection. Then try to extract the Zip file once again, and hopefully, you will be able to do it this time.

Method-5: Change the Destination Path Name of the Zip File

You may face some issues while moving the compressed file from its location. It can happen because of the long name of the destination path. So, shorten the destination pathname, and this should get the extracting job done correctly.

Method-6: Set Your Default Programs

Setting your default programs can solve the problem as well. Click on the “Windows” icon and access the “Default Programs” through the “Program” option. Then press the “Set your default programs” and wait for the process to complete.

Then select “File Explorer,” click on “Set this program as default,” and press the “OK” button. After that, try to extract the file again, and it should get the job done.

How to unzip files on Windows 10 without WinZip

You can unzip files without using WinZip, and the steps to follow for completing the task are:

Step-1: Go to the Zip file location and take your mouse cursor over that file. Then, right-click the mouse, and the “Options tab” will pop up on the computer screen.

Step-2: From the “Options tab,” find the “Open with” option and click on it. After doing so, you will see the options that you can use to open that file.

Step-3: Don’t click on WinZip, but select the “Windows Explorer” to extract the compressed file, and then open it.


How to bypass WinZip?

Bypassing WinZip means not using the WinZip while extracting and opening any compressed files. Open the Zip file location, and right-click on the file to see the opening options. From there, select Windows Explorer or any other unzipping software. Thus, you can bypass WinZip by avoiding it for extracting.

What should I do to extract a corrupt Zip file?

Using the WinRAR for extracting a corrupt Zip file is one of the best possible ways. The next thing you need to do is navigating to the corrupted Zip file through the address bar. Then select the folder, right-click on the mouse to bring the toolbar, and click on “Repair” to extract the corrupt Zip file.


Before opening any compressed file, extracting that file is a must. But you can fall into a situation where you may be unable to extract zip file Windows 10. If you panic in such cases, it will just increase your pressure regarding the problem. Keeping calm is the first step to solve this problem.

Then find the proper methods and apply them one after another. The problem shouldn’t bother you much, as one of the methods will surely be effective to solve the problem. Keep applying the solutions until you succeed in extracting the Zip file on Windows 10.

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