How to add single quotes and coma in excel?

Do you love to make your office work a lot easier than before? Microsoft Excel could be the perfect solution for you. In this tutorial, we will discuss “how to add single quotes and coma in excel?” Let’s go for a brief description.

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Adding single quotes in an excel sheet

Have a look at this screenshot!

single quotes

Figure: Single quotes in a Microsoft Excel sheet

In this Diagram we have several columns and rows. Several columns are described as A, B, C, D, E, F, etc. In the F column section, we will create single quotes. Let’s see how we can do that. In column B we have different names which are Apple, Banana, Mango, etc. We will make them into a single quote.

Microsoft Excel sheet

Figure: Single Quotes algorithm

The formula is =CHAR(39)B2&CHAR(39)  here = is a basic excel command, CHAR(39) represents a single quote, and B2 represents Apple. You need to put this formula in the first cell of the single quotes column and press enter button. If we like to use Banana here then we will use B3. From the top B than for the downwards cell we will consider B1, B2, B3, etc. I hope you got it. Now you might be thinking about how the rest of the single quotes have been done? Yes, just use your mouse key at the corner of the first done cell and then drag it towards below. They will automatically feel them. This is a very simple procedure to add single quotes to an Excel sheet.

How to add coma in Excel?

Now let’s discuss how we can add coma in an excel sheet. Again, this is a very simple procedure and you might need a few minutes to learn it.

Now we will add by using the algorithm. Let’s have a look!

add coma

It is =B2&CHAR(44)&B3. Here = is a common term to start an algorithm in an Excel sheet B2 represents Apple and & connect with the later one, B3 represents Banana. CHAR(44) is representing a coma, and B3 represents “Banana”. After that, you need to press the Enter button. Then it will look like this one!


Now if you like to complete this row then select the cell apple, or banana and then put your mouse cursor under it. Now drag it below how much you need. The same algorithm will be applicable for all the rows. I hope you got the point.  

How to add double quotes in Excel?

Now we will add double quotes in an Excel sheet. Let’s go for the formula!

double quotes

It is =CHAR(34)&B2&CHAR(34). Here = starts the algorithm, CHAR(34) represents double quote and B2 represents Apple. After that, you need to press enter and see this one!


Now if you like to do it for all other cells then use your mouse cursor and drag it towards the downside. In this way, it will automatically fulfill all the cells.

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Final words

Here we have tried to give you a details overview of this topic. If you have any more questions regarding this topic do not hesitate to put your comments below.

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