Chromecast for Windows Phone

People often ask if Chrome is available on Windows Phone. And to them, my direct answer is NO! Chrome is not designed for Windows Phone. You can use it on any Android or iOS device.

However, you must know that Google does not develop apps for Windows Phone. As a result, do not expect to get an official YouTube app on your Windows Phone. Then how will you watch videos?

In this case, you have to rely on third-party YouTube apps for this purpose. The myTube and MetroTube are the native apps that are used by the users of this phone. But you cannot expect amazing facilities with these apps.

So, which app is the best for Chromecast for Windows Phone? Check out the apps we have mentioned here!

Chromecast for Windows Phone

Apps for Chromecast

Tubecast for Chromecast

Chrome for Windows is never going to be available. But when it comes to Chromecast for Windows Phone, if you want YouTube, you can rely on Tubecast.

With the help of this app, you can easily watch YouTube videos. You can also add the videos with your TV screen with the help of Chromecast if you use this app.

Yes, we are here to talk about the Chromecast. This got popular since you don’t get to use Chrome directly on your Windows Phone.

If you are worried about what Chromecast is, let us tell you, this is a media player. This simple media player will help you in playing the audios along with videos.

Google designed the Chromecast media player for watching any content on a high-definition display.

As a result, you can stream video, audio, or any such content with Wi-Fi. You can also use a local network for this purpose.

However, if you search for a native Chromecast app for your Windows phone, you might get sad.

No, there is no native Chromecast app for the phone you use. However, you can get Tubecast for all your fun!

Yes, if you download Tubecast, you can easily use the Chromecast app via this. Also, if you are a lover of AirPlay, Tubecast can help you with this!

Tubecast is exactly like YouTube. Imagine yourself a user of YouTube and download TubeCast.

The method of using this app is also the same as YouTube. All you have to do is hot the cast button to watch videos.

You can easily choose the Chromecast that you want to stream to, and you are done! After this, you can easily see that the video from the Chromecast app is showing up.

The external display of your phone will show the video or audio! Before you download Tubecast, you must know the necessary details of this app. This app is free for users.

The majority of the users use the free version. However, there is a paid version of this app. You have to pay $1.99 if you want support for casts.

There is a free trial option for the users of this app. However, the free trial is only available for 20 casts.

After that, you will need to buy the paid version of this app. If you judge on the basis of the performance, we would say that this is a quality app.

On the other hand, if you have a RAM of 512MB in your Windows Phone, you can also try Tubecast.

In terms of versatility, this is very versatile. If you want to get this as a universal app for your Windows 8 phones or devices, you can also get this one. You might be interested in the post on how do I fix slow Internet on Windows 10

Cloud for Chromecast

This is another app that you can use with Chromecast to use the services of Onedrive.

No matter if you have videos or photos in your Onedrive, with the help of the Cloud, you can broadcast the items for your requirements.

This app is free for the users and you don’t need to pay. But if you want to get the Pro version, you must rely on the paid version. Don’t forget to miss more learning opportunities one or more audio service isn’t running.

In the Pro version, you will be able to broadcast items from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Tube Cast for Chromecast

If you just want a decent app for your Windows Phone to use Chromecast, you can also try Tube Cast.

Yes, you might be confused between the Tubecast, the one we have mentioned above, and the Tube Cast app, which we are talking about now. You will be amazed to know that these are different.

This app was designed as the first Windows Phone app for casting YouTube content to the dongle.

To watch videos, this was the only app back then. However, the developers never developed it after the 1.0 version.

So, expecting too much from this app might be depressing. In this case, you can use it for a decent job for the YouTube videos, but it won’t do much.

Wrap Up

Not all the apps are supported in Windows Phone, which is why it is tough to deal with it. Soon, Google is not going to develop an app for Windows Phones, and this might seem disheartening.

But if you want to enjoy the pictures, videos, audios, and Onedrive, the apps we have suggested above can be beneficial for you.

Even if you are a Windows Phone user, you can enjoy the benefits of Youtube and Onedrive with these apps. Try them and let us know in the comment section about your experience!


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