The Ultimate Secret of Assistive Technology for the Blind

Assistive technology for the blind

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Losing the vision is extremely frustrating and painful, right? So assistive tools for the blind are like a blessing for vision loss people.

People with low vision are struggling a lot in this huge competitive world. In this technology-oriented era, proficiency is much needed for everyone to accomplish different tasks.

Assistive technology for the blind widely helps create a productive environment for students with visual impairments. They are prone to make them achieve their educational success.

In this article, we aim at introducing you with those helpful devices for people with low vision or blind. So read on to know more about that.

What is assistive technology?

Assistive technology is such a type of device that creates a potential framework for helping disabled peoples, special children, or older people. This is one kind of software program or method or product to be used to assist disabled people.

Assistive technology devices for the blind:

AT Blind

Screen-reading software:

This is a tool where synthetic speech widely used. When blind people open a document on the computer screen, the software reads the content aloud.

However, this device keeps compatibility with the programs and operating systems. There are some examples of this useful tool. JAWS,  WindowEyes, VoiceOveretc.

Magnification software:

Magnification software is compatible with most windows systems. It has a built-in function with mac computers. This device is capable of magnifying the screen with the keyboard or mouse.

One of the significant advantages is that you can use this software by linking it with screen readers also. With limited vision will be highly beneficial using larger monitors. Else, they can magnify the fonts with the functional modification of the computer.

Dictation software:

This software includes various modified parts and accessories. The main programs of this tool use QWERTY keyboards. In general, blind people are prone to learn to touch-type materials. If any blind people struggling with typing problem too, he/she can use the dictation device.

OCR system:

This technology widely supports various types of scanners. It scans printed contents. As a result, the picture image quickly turns converting into text characters.

Again I need to say that here it includes a braille embosser. It helps recognize the text words to the reader with low vision.

If there are any pre-scanned pictures, it requires no scanning for the OCR to convert the document into text.

There are a lot of advantages of this tool. In a few seconds, it can recognize plenty of printed documents. The massive contribution keeps on managing technical support.

Moreover, it successfully possesses the original layout of words or documents. So this system is helpful for blinds.

Portable magnifiers:

Portable magnifiers are such kind of tools that involves braille or QWERTY keyboards for the ultimate input. It uses a braille display for output.

There are some different types of portable magnifiers for people with limited vision. Below we initiate the complete discussion about it.

However, portable book readers manage coded files to convert into speech. Besides that, video magnifiers also include portable cameras. These devices are also beneficial for reading signs of the text.

Now, we want to talk about braille note-takers. As it includes braille displays, it can potentially read the content.

Again, for blind peoples, there are so many android apps available. This kind of technology includes GPS, OCR, and available audiobooks for the convenient use of blind people.

Braille writer repair:

Louis Braille is the inventor of the braille system. The system is functioned with 6 dots where 3 dots are found on 2 vertical rows. Gradually, it has been customized with rapid development.

The Perkins Braille writer is a nice tool. It works like a manual typewriter. But there lies a bit of issue with it. Suddenly it might tend to break down as it runs with a cumbersome process.

In that case, repairing can be very difficult. To meet some professionals or experts to sort it out.

Assistive technology for blind students in the classroom:

Students who are immensely struggling with visual impairments require this kind of technology very well. Below are the lists for them to make the devices useful for the classroom.

Accessible calculator:

Accessible calculators have different kinds of standard functions. The device also includes braille displays and adjustable displays for their convenient use. The tool also features scientific and graphic functions.

This is very user-friendly and affordable in price. These kinds of useful tools are available in online market resources or various kinds of office supply stores.

CCTV magnification systems:

CCTV means a closed circuit magnification system. This tool benefits a lot to the visually impaired or low vision people with any project magnified images. Here the standard mounted cameras are used.

Now you can ask me where to find this magnification device?

“Well, these are available in manufacturers or any medical equipment store. Or else you can also buy it from online suppliers.

Tape recording:

Besides those useful technologies, the tape recording system also provides massive assistance to the students with a visual problem. When they listen to the recorded lectures, they can store it into their memory easily.

If needed, the lectures can be transcribed into braille system with no issue.

With this productive system, they thrive on accessing the vital information of the recorded lectures.

Notetakers and readers:

Visually disabled people can make the best use of the notetakers what other students collect. Later, it can be converted to a braille system to make them read.


Visually disabled people can make the best use of technology. Why should they lag when there is assistive technology for the blind. Thankfully, modern technology helps those limited vision people with so many useful devices.

Besides it, there are also some helpful organizations relentlessly works for those people. They also use the tools we have mentioned earlier in the article.

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